This is for ChatGPT support. I have questions, depending on the answers, a refund request

Dear ChatGPT support. I spent a few billable hours today trying to find the elusive Chat Widget for support described in the documentation. With the kind assistance of the community I found said widget. However, it tells me that the support person will reply “within a week”. Seriously? You really expect me to wait with the widget up for a week, to be blessed by the kind graces of a customer support supreme being?

Question 1: Is there a product that I can use for reviewing an article? Every time I post an article to be summarized, the tool says it is too long.

Question 2: Is there a product that can access a link to said article? This would be even better than dropping it in the transcript.

Question 3: I was installing AutoGPT. It asks for an API key. I can’t find anything on this website. Is that somewhere? But more importantly, would that solve the problem of not being able to read an article from my website? AutoGPT mentions the ability to go to the web.

Question 4: Your current service says that access to GPT-4 is limited. The AutoGPT says the free service is limited, they seem to think if I buy the service, that the API will be generally usable.

Question 5: Do you have a product that has been trained on data more recent than 2021?

Now in the interest of not having to wait a week between replies, let me give you a formula, for determining if you should provide a full refund:

If it is true that a moderate length article can not be uploaded to the chat transcript (because it is too long), and it is true that there is no product which can access a link on my website to get said article, then please fully refund my “ChatGPT+” subscription.

And before you suggest that I break up an article into little pieces and manually feed them in – let me explain that I do not want to work for the bot. I want the bot to work for me.

Please let me know, within a day would be reasonable. I will say a prayer, and tonight dance around a fire and chant to the God of AI, imploring him to deliver this message.

Not affiliated with OpenAI, but there’s many threads on these forums on these topics, quick responses:

  1. No product from OpenAI. Need to break up the article or look into developer tools like LangChain
  2. No, GPT can’t browse the web. Upcoming plugins will enable this, but they are still in private testing
  3. You need to sign up for API (separate from ChatGPT) at
  4. GPT4 is still in private testing. You can apply here
  5. No

OpenAI also doesn’t really monitor this forum for account issues, only way is to submit a ticket at OpenAI Help Center by clicking the circle icon in lower right.

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Thanks, hopefully one of the rarest species on the planet, the elusive billing support person at ChatGPT, will see this and issue a refund. And no, I will not be watching the chat widget for a week in hopes someone will appear. God can’t imagine what would happen if we put this tool in production and there were problems. There is no one home.

Did the widget ever ask for your email address? I believe it should have and then the support team will respond via email.

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Request, get, and use the API (especially GPT-4 API access). The ChatGPT web interface has a shorter token limit for input than you can use in the API.

Get on the waitlist for plugins, especially the browser plugin.

AutoGPT is an entirely separate entity from OpenAI.

ChatGPT allows users 25 messages to the GPT-4 model in a 3-hour window. This is separate from the API.

With the API you pay based on what you use. GPT-4 is in limited beta right now, so you’ll need to join the wait list to get access to GPT-4 through the API.

Once you do, the only limit on usage is the set spending limit on your developer account.

They do not have a publicly released model with newer data.

The current models do have some limited knowledge of recent events, but it’s hit or miss.

Once you have API access, you can add additional information to the models using embeddings,

To ensure it has up-to-date information in the domain area of interest.

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