Switching from Plus to Team, All Chat Generations GONE. Help. Please

Hi… um… I’ve been generating content on a plus plan since January 27th and just recently switch to generating content on a team subscription and all prompted content was removed. Is this normal?

I spent many long hours of creating hundreds of pieces of content, is there anyway to recover these? I thought I was getting an upgrade when switching to the team and instead this is absolutely crippling.

Please help. Thanks.

As per the documentation, these are like two different subscriptions. You will need to either keep it as two separate accounts, letting your old one go down to free from Plus.

Or transfer all your chats to Teams. But bear in mind that those chats cannot come out of Teams atm, they will always be linked to the organization.

No note it’s not a switch or an upgrade, but sold as a different, parallel service.

First, try logging out and logging in with (if you used diff emails) your other account

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Thank you @jorgeintegrait.

I read the FAQ, it doesn’t say anywhere that my content that I’ve generated would be removed, so I’m really confused why it was not migrated to the team account.

I did not use different emails, I merged my existing Plus into the Team.
I read that if I were to leave the Teams subscription and go back to plus, I would lose everything I created in the Team…

would I see the original chats from my plus account along with the images??

Your chat history should carry over to the new teams workspace.

There is no indication if this is instant or not, it may simply take some time for it to merge over.

If you continue to have issues, check with help.openai.com.

Friendly reminder to everyone,

If your chat history is important to you, back up your data regularly.

@elmstedt Do you have experience with migrating same type of data over to a teams account?

Do images migrate from Plus to Teams?

I purchased a Team account today at 12:30PM EST US time and the images still say, “Error Loading Image”.

Appreciate the help! I’m not having any success connecting with anyone through help.openai.com.

I do not, but I am likely migrating one of my accounts to teams within the next week. I’ll ensure there is some similar chat history for the amount when I do so I can test it.

There’s no reason why everything shouldn’t transfer.

So, to be clear, it sounds like you do now have your chat history, there’s just an issue with the images not loading, is that correct?

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@elmstedt The text chats did come over, but… the most important value are the unique images that are NOT visible. I spent every 2 hours of every day for the past 2.5 weeks prompting to get those exact images, my soul is crushed.

No offense Jake, but until someone else has had the experience of successfully migrating the same data types “images” from Plus to Teams I suggest keeping this thread open OR if the images do eventually populate I will be happy to share with the group.

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Here’s the thing…

There’s nothing you, I, or anyone else here can do to forcefully affect the migration process.

We could have 100 people come in and say their images migrated without issue or 100 come in and say theirs didn’t, the net effect would be the same—you have a problem with your images not being available, and nothing in anyone else’s experience is going to change that for you.

Currently, the only way to get assistance with amount issues, which this is, is by submitting a request for help through help.openai.com. There is literally no other way to get help.

You’ve done that. It’s in the system. Eventually someone will get back to you.

Either the images will become accessible to you on their own or they won’t.

I get that you’re frustrated, and understandably so, but keeping this topic open isn’t going to help you get your generated images back. There’s no magic incantation you can use to make them suddenly appear.

Is there some reason to keep this topic open which I’m missing?

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I agree, my ticket is in the system and I’ll have to wait my turn.

I believe keeping this open will allow others to voice their experiences and determine if this is a more widespread issue. Once we know the solution this thread could act as great place to answer people’s questions and alleviate customer service until OpenAI eventually adds the solution to their documentation.

Has anyone else on this forum migrated from Plus to Teams successfully seeing their images on the other side?

@imagination I have the same issue. I went from Plus to Team and then merged. As you say there was no indication that my Dalle3 generations would not display properly. and yet they show ‘error loading image’. Did you manage to get this resolved in the end?

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No I didn’t ever get it resolved and customer service left the case open, they probably put it in the spam queue. I never got my 850+ prompted images back. It crushed me, but I’m still paying for the service.