Transferring ChatGPT Plus Subscription to New Email

I am facing an issue with my ChatGPT Plus Subscription. I originally signed up using my startup’s work email.

However, starting in January 2024, my startup is changing our email domain, rendering the current email inaccessible for future use.

Consequently, I attempted to transfer my subscription to my new email address by inviting it through

Unfortunately, this method didn’t resolve the issue. When I log in with my new email, I cannot view my previous ChatGPT conversations; crucially, the new email doesn’t have access to the ChatGPT Plus Subscription.

Could you please guide me on transferring my ChatGPT Plus Subscription from the old email to the new one? Any specific steps or procedures to follow would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance.

Cannot be done.

The solution is to make a new account.

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It’s not a technical matter it’s a policy one.

Due to the export restrictions on AI technology, told like ChatGPT are subject to a wide array of regulations including some “Know-Your-Customer” requirements.

While there’s nothing inherent to these requirements which strictly prohibit changing email addresses, they are much simpler to adhere to when everything remains static.

You are free to express your displeasure, but there are reasons behind the policy beyond an inability to write anUPDATE query.


Thank you for your reply. I now understand better why changing the email associated with the ChatGPT Plus account is not possible.

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If the response by @elmstedt answers your question can you mark it as the solution. image

Sorry but that is not a helpful answer… export and KYC are just poor excuses for not being able to run the KYC on the new email where is it being transfered too… most likely your product manager is prioritizing more core features but not being able to transfer my history is a really a sad story…

The answer is “no, you cannot.”

Helpful enough for you?

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