Support team never replies to my support questions - it's been several months

A lot of people keep recommending to contact support team when there is a problem, but when I go through the normal support avenues I do not receive a response. I’ve reached out for help numerous times with issues racking up and am still receiving no help. Issues with being charged for failed fetches and failed queries, and now my issue is I cloudflare will not let me use GPT 4 from my Work computers which is what I use GPT for. Only when I switch to my home computer can I use it and that’s just not feasible. There is also problems with the websites having to be refreshed inbetween cloudflare after every prompt and only switching computers fixes it. Clearing cache does not. I am not sure what to do at this point, it has felt very frustrating paying to access something, starting to rely on it only for there to be no support when a problem does occur, that is a game breaking glitch. I have to troubleshoot on my own and hope my own solutions work or stuck finding an alternative.