Support team is ignoring me (I’m in now)

Support team is ignoring me Why?


Please direct support queries to


It is not true, they always respond may be something with delay

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They haven’t responded to me for around two weeks.

I have participated in an extensive online chat and sent two emails.

I’m not sure what the issue is!

I have to agree with OP.

I sent them a message through chat 5 weeks ago, it hasn’t been seen yet… 5 WEEKS!
I also emailed them twice on and still no response.

I’m sort of worried that submitting my app for review will receive the same treatment.

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unfortunately its common support ignores messages, still waiting for the answer of a HK-47 fine tuned model

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Same here. It’s been 2 weeks and they are not replying. I tried to contact through email and chat but it seems they don’t care.

When you mentioned ‘delay,’ I was wondering if you could provide more information about what that means. Specifically, could you clarify if we’re talking about a delay of hours, days, or weeks, and what the context is for this delay? I appreciate your help in setting my expectations.

At this point it’s starting to feel like a scam. They just took a bunch of peoples money without providing any services or customer support. If it’s a known bug why allow it to even be possible to pay for an account. Is this class action law suit material?

I have been waiting weeks now for a response on a refund. A simple issue has had me completely loose faith in the service so i have asked for a refund due to lack of response. Still no response (shocking). Legally i have 14 days to get a refund but part of me thinks they are intentionally running out the clock

I’ve been waiting over a month now for a rate limit increase request and startup credits with no answers on any emails. Is there any way to get faster support?

Me too!

They are actively stealing my money by charging me for a subscription that I cancelled! I escalated it to authorities as they are NOT RESPONDING TO MY EMAILS or messages.

Such a bad customer support ;(

How long did you wait?
Not that I could help in that regard. Just out of curiousity.

I have been paying chatGPT for 7 months. Renewal was yesterday, current month is marked as paid in their interface. To day no “plus” access. Contacted support ~10h ago, the message is still marked as “not seen”.