Api bug and no support reply, What do I do?

Hello Everyone, August 28 I reached out to support because I had a pay as you account and the API keys stopped working even though i had paid my usage from the previous month. I hadn’t received a reply for several days and I cancelled my pay as you go payment plan and resubscribed to a prepaid plan with $10 worth of credit. I had the same issue whenever I tried to use my API keys, Exceeded current quota or limit. On september 6, the support finally replied to me saying that they have found an error on their side and will grant me $20 worth of credit as compensation. The issue however wasn’t fixed and I have sent follow up emails and now it’s october 4th and still no reply. I have sent 2 more requests, but no one responded as well and it’s been 3 weeks for one request and 2 for the other. I don’t know what to do I literally paid and can’t use my account. Please help me.

Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

While I sympathise with your plight, the developer forum has no ability to influence and change account settings or look into issues. We are all regular users just like yourself.

I agree that things need to get better and they will with time as more people are onboarded and system are developed and put in place, many of these systems are less than 12 months old and the growth rate is exceedingly high.

help.openai.com is the only path to get someone with the ability to look into your account issue.

I am happy for your post to remain up here, but you should understand that it is unlikely to resolve your current issue, and I would advise you to continue to message help.openai.com for a resolution.

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