Hate to do this again... Response Times on Support Tickets

I get the team and company are busy, lots of demand. I’ve brought this up before, so for the sake of not sounding like a broken record I’ll simply state -

  • Don’t advertise your response times are typically within a week if they are nowhere near that

  • Use some of that Microsoft money to hire more support / account managers so you can hit these quotas you’re advertising - just saying

I have the same ticket I’ve been re-submitting every few weeks because I just can’t get a response, first one was 4 weeks ago, second one was 2 weeks ago, most recent one is 1 week. I hate to be that customer that just continues to submit support tickets, but if they go unanswered for months on end, what else am I supposed to do?

The other real suggestion to improve support - leverage your AI to triage tickets. My ticket is EASILY solvable, as it’s not a technical question, just requires a “Yep, we’ll take care of that” and a few clicks on the backend to adjust account.


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Agreed, I’ve been having many of the same thoughts…

My ticket was simply “marked as resolved” with no response at all – I didn’t even get an email that it was marked as resolved… I don’t even know what to do now :confused: (Oh and, the issue was in fact, not resolved)

My case:
Can confirm that all the tickets I’ve been sending out for 2 months after my account got locked for suspicious activity thou I have the membership on autopay on my cashapp card…and i use gpt4 for customer service email responses.

What happened:
I got a message that my account was blocked on a random morning.
i opened a ticket which for some reason was hard to find using a mozilla browser.
the rep answered stating that my payment was sus and that they need me to provide more information to verify me and whats “going” (i still don’t know what they are talking about).
What sus thing am I possibly doing?
I checked my card transactions and I was charged the monthly fee and then the next day, payment was “cancelled”.

Expressive statement:
That was nearly 3 months ago and ive been sending ticket after ticket tryna get a reply and nothing AT ALL.
I want to use GPT-4 but since they wont help me, im afraid of resubscribing again in my other account i was forced to make to be able to even use the incomptetent GPT-3.

One of the worst customer supports Ive ever dealt with since its powered by AI but this is bad since they dont follow up.
Horrible account management system. It’s just not comfortable, you would expect AI to make something more user friendly and direct.

Thnx for abandoning a customer @openai