Hate to do this again... Response Times on Support Tickets

I get the team and company are busy, lots of demand. I’ve brought this up before, so for the sake of not sounding like a broken record I’ll simply state -

  • Don’t advertise your response times are typically within a week if they are nowhere near that

  • Use some of that Microsoft money to hire more support / account managers so you can hit these quotas you’re advertising - just saying

I have the same ticket I’ve been re-submitting every few weeks because I just can’t get a response, first one was 4 weeks ago, second one was 2 weeks ago, most recent one is 1 week. I hate to be that customer that just continues to submit support tickets, but if they go unanswered for months on end, what else am I supposed to do?

The other real suggestion to improve support - leverage your AI to triage tickets. My ticket is EASILY solvable, as it’s not a technical question, just requires a “Yep, we’ll take care of that” and a few clicks on the backend to adjust account.


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Agreed, I’ve been having many of the same thoughts…

My ticket was simply “marked as resolved” with no response at all – I didn’t even get an email that it was marked as resolved… I don’t even know what to do now :confused: (Oh and, the issue was in fact, not resolved)