Subscription Issue: Payment Charged Three Times and Access Lost

Hello OpenAI Support team,

I’m reaching out to you because I’m experiencing an issue with my ChatGPT subscription. On February 13th at 9:11 AM, I subscribed to ChatGPT Plus and was charged $20. However, on March 12th and 13th, my card ending in 9972 was charged again for the same amount.

I noticed that my subscription had disappeared from the screen and I made the payments because I wanted to keep access to the Plus version of the AI. Everything was working fine until yesterday, when I logged in and saw that my access was gone, and it’s telling me to purchase the subscription again.

I would like to request your assistance in resolving this issue as soon as possible. I would appreciate it if you could refund the two extra charges and restore my access to the ChatGPT Plus version.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Best regards,



I am having this same issue. Seems to be affecting a lot of people and not sure why this is happening. Customer support is non-existent!! What kind of company is this? Scam of the year! Paid the $20 fee twice and still got downgraded to free!!!

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Hi Rajav,
How long have you been trying to solve?

For the past three days. This just happened to me. Can’t believe how unorganized this company is. No responses to support requests.

I’m having the same issue. I had access and then it disappeared. Now it treats me like i haven’t payed anything…

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They better get this resolved fast or they will fail as a company. They built the AI portion so fast, but forgot about all the tech support roles.

Hi @julianopimentel

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on a user’s perspective), this is not a general “OpenAI support site”. This is a site for software developers exchanging ideas and code related to the OpenAI API.

The official help site, as frustrating as it might seem (as well at unresponsive, as we all understand) is:

and the official email support channel is:

As a developer, I understand your frustration, but you will not find any general OpenAI customer support hanging out here to help your OpenAI subscription issues.

Sorry to tell you.


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Thanks. However, we have emailed support many times and they don’t even answer. How can they create such a good product and have no customer support??

This is the question that everyone asks!

Sorry not to have an answer…


I’m having the same issue. Paid $20 for plus, was able to use gpt-4 for less than one day and was downgraded to the free version. Emailed support but get no reply. Located in Singapore.

Please follow up with, as you might imagine with a company scaling as quickly as OpenAI, there is an unprecedented support volume coming into our teams. Please be patient as we scale this and answer queries such as yours.

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thx :slight_smile: i just sent the email

No one said anything regarding that the problem has appeared.

It could happen to everyone. However this appears to be a widespread issue that can’t be any worse and your attitude is “it is weekend we’ll read all emails on Monday and eventually sometimes during the week we might even read regarding this issue”.

A decent company would wake up developers in the middle of the night for this so that it is fixed immediately and give them free days during the next week.

No one likes the critical incidents but everyone knows how they should be handled.

Also of note a decent company would give one month free for everyone affected and for this treatment (few days are likely even legal obligation). But I guess it is advice only for a decent company…

I can appreciate your reply but following up with the help page does nothing. I spent over an hour last night trying to find my way around.

When you go to that help page, you search or click through all the available articles and there is not one that mentions billing or how to get a billing issue resolved. Even clicking the chat icon on the bottom right brings up choices of the chatGPT, 4, API, Delete your account. If you click Gpt4 it asks if you have access to that service which I do, but only the free one, not the one I paid for. once you say yes it tells you to log into your account and go to that message box again.

I could not find a way to log into my account. Some YouTube video directed me to the page and said the bottom has a login link. It does not. It was insanely frustrating.

I finally got to a page with my account information for regular ChatGPT and under billing it says I have no billing history which is false. so I clicked the chat box icon on the bottom again and got the same irrelevant choices so I put my problem in there anyway but don’t expect that the right people will see it.

I get scaling up is a tough time but to have no record of payments made, no confirmation email that I bought a subscription to the service? Taking the subscription fee and not unlocking accounts would seem to be things that would be critical to have working/available on launch.

Thanks to @ruby_coder for providing an email address but based on other responses here, it seems there’s no replies forthcoming from there so calling the credit card company and disputing the charge is going to be the only option available which is typically the very last resort but users are not given any other options here.

Same issue here

Regular payment failed. I paid 3 charges for regular API invoices just OK and then OpenAI started to have issue processing my card ( card works fine for rest of the internet).

I cannot add a new card (Your card number is invalid). I cannot add current card ( Your number is Invalid).

Seems they might be non-profit after all! :roll_eyes:

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Open AI accidently charged me 3 times. How to reach the billing support? is the right place. This will be resolved by our team! They are on top of this.

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My issue was resolved for a day and then back to the free version. They billed me twice for plus service that I’m not getting!! Do you guys know if using a vpn or adblocker is causing issues? Shouldn’t be, but thought to ask. Seems as if the issue is widespread and they are aware of it. My question is, why roll out a product like this and not have tech support?

Same here, I was charged $20 and its asking me to upgrade again. I also do not have a MY ACCOUT tab on chat GPT. Amazing!!

Same issue with me. I have been charged the monthly fee of $20 and got downgraded to the free version. Help! anyone? Their support team does not bother with replies. Who do we reach out to in order to fix this or get our money back?