I've been charged 300$ from OpenAI

In a span of 2 hours today I’ve been charged a total of 300$ from OpenAI,
I never had an OpenAI account, I don’t even know what it is. I’ve already contacted my bank and OpenAI support but so far just have to wait. Does anyone know what is going on?

When you say charged by OpenAI are you seeing $300 in charges on the API Usage Dashboard or have you received a bill for ChatGPT?

If it’s the API dashboard the most likely explanation is that an API key of yours has been leaked/stolen (possibly if you gave it to an application you found online to test a service/application?)

I’m not sure what you mean by never having an OpenAI account though, you must’ve given card details somewhere at some point to be charged.

I was charged for USD 190 during 10 minutes. Don’t have any payment methods minded, API Keys issued no Plus subscription! Support keeps silent! Looks like they losing control…