Urgent Help Needed: Unexplained Charges and Access Issues on OpenAI Account

Hi everyone,

I’m reaching out to the community for assistance with a perplexing issue I’ve encountered on my OpenAI account. Despite infrequent use of the OpenAI API, I have been unexpectedly upgraded to a higher usage tier and charged $473. I received email shows that I have been upgraded to tier 4. But the OpenAI api account shows I’m still in free account tier. The puzzling part is that my account activity and billing history do not show any significant API usage, nor do they display these transactions. I’m pretty sure this is the only OpenAI api account I have.

Additionally, the only interaction I’ve had with OpenAI services recently has been generating images through casual conversations with GPT by using dalle, which shouldn’t account for such high charges. What’s more, I’m currently unable to open the links provided by OpenAI for further information, and my billing history appears empty.

Has anyone experienced a similar situation or can provide insights on what steps to take next? I’m particularly confused about why the billing links are inaccessible and why my history would be blank despite these charges. Any advices would be appreciated.


I can only provide one image now since I’m a new user.

Are you sure this isn’t a phishing email that you received?

Ultimately, only OpenAI support can help you with this matter. You should contact them via the support chat on the platform. But based on your description, it sounds a lot like phishing, so you might want to review the email again for signs of that.

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Thanks for the response! But I don’t think it’s a phishing email. Because I have verified that the emails came from the official support@openai.com address. Additionally, the charges of $473 have indeed been processed on my credit card, with $400 for the upgrade from Tier 3 to Tier 4 and $73 for moving from Tier 1 to Tier 3. At this point, my primary concern is to understand why these charges have occurred, given that my account’s usage does not reflect such activity, and why I’m unable to view my billing history or access the links provided in the emails

I contacted OpenAI help, but it said will reply back to me and I’m still waiting for it now.


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Sorry to hear. However, only OpenAI support can resolve this matter. It might take a bit for them to get back.

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