Plus Account receives this error: "openai.error.RateLimitError: Your account is not active, please check your billing details on our website."

I have an plus account which works good in normal chat mode on webpage, but When I call API like this:

import openai

openai.api_key = ‘xxxxxxxxx’
response = openai.Completion.create(
prompt=“Write a tagline for an ice cream shop.”

The error occured:
openai.error.RateLimitError: Your account is not active, please check your billing details on our website.

Here’s where you put in your payment method for API billing:

I paid for plus by apple’s app store, and no valid payment method in openai site. Is that the reason why the error occurs?

ChatGPT Plus is separate from API. If you want to use both, you need to pay for both.

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thanks a lot, that makes sense

Phil via OpenAI Developer Forum <> 于2023年6月19日周一 11:40写道:

I was getting the same error when I switched over to the paid account no matter how high my quota was it would stop working and give me that same error once it reached $18 I was no where near the $120 cut off and still getting the error and they increased the amount the next month to $300 and I kept trying to explain that I was a paid customer so it should be working and I am no was no where near the quota and we were near the release of my app to the google play no one was answer my questions tried using the chat and email and they kept send me the link to fill out the form to increase my quota and not getting that its been stopping after $18 so it didnt matter My account quota was increased ton$1000 and tried changing api still didnt work had to cancel paid account and had my husband sign up for an account and trying to get quota increased and no one from open ai is getting back to us and its been weeks keep trying to chat and they keep sending us the form to increase the quota. How do you get in touch with some one live with open ai? With out having to wait for an email repsonse back?
This was last month before I canceled my paid account.It alwasts crashed for me on a billing cycle everytime I would make my monthly payment it would give me the error and my api calls were useless. I just released my app to google play so hoping this can be addressed or to hear back from someone from Open AI soon
Its almost impossible to get a response from someone and when they do I feel they dont read my messages and just send me articles or a link to a form to increase the quota then they never increase it very much

You need to set a payment method with your API account. OpenAI Platform