My OpenAI API does not seem to work: connect ETIMEDOUT


GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 both tried

Error message:

Error with OpenAI API request: connect ETIMEDOUT
Error with OpenAI API request: connect ETIMEDOUT

The Request data I sent:



Other relevant details:

I registered a separate account, and the OpenAI API for that account is available.

Did you add openAI key? And what completion model are you using

  • Yes I have added my API key.
  • I’m using: text-davinci-003.

Exactly, I just git clone and add the API key and then run it use npm.

Okey try to change something there. Instead of prompt, add message then add roles and see if it works.

Look this, please.

It responded my account was not active when I changed my API key to the key which belong to my plus account. However, my Plus account has received an invitation to use the GPT-4 API.

I see the meat coming to my mouth, but I can’t eat it. :grimacing:

Have you setup your billing in the OpenAi dashboard?

Yes, payment method have been added for my plus account, in contrast, the payment method for the account that can use OpenAI API was not added.

I hope plus means ChatGPT plus. Your API payment and your ChatGPT are two different things. You will be required to add a payment method on the OpenAi dashboard and try it again.

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Payment method have been added already, it’s not work.

Learning it too, thanks… Ok, need 25 chart.