API usage limit,whats problem

I am a user of OpenAI API and I have encountered an issue that I need your help with.

I have upgraded my account to the Plus plan, but I noticed that my API usage limit is still 5 dollars instead of 4,000 API calls per month. I have checked my account settings and made sure that my payment information and subscription plan are all correct.

I would like to know what could be causing this issue and how to resolve it. If you could provide any help or advice, I would greatly appreciate it.

IIRC plus is only for chatGPT not the API, for API you have to set up a payment method on the billing page

i cant open the website chat.openai.com/chat

在 2023年3月17日星期五,Sukhman Preet Singh Jawa via OpenAI API Community Forum <notifications@openai1.discoursemail.com> 写道:

This might be why you can’t.

Please search before you post or check on status.openai.com, you can even subscribe for sms alerts for any outage there.