API Chat-GPT subscription

I have paid the subscription for the chat-gpt service, to be able to use the API with a higher quota, but the following error appears “openai.error.RateLimitError: You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.” When I see the account configuration, the subscription for the API and Openai does not appear, there is no response, can someone tell me how to solve this problem?

ChatGPT payment ($20/month) has nothing to do with API subscription (paid account.)
You need to register a payment method in the API account control panel to get a paid account, and you need to get (and pay for) enough usage to get to a limit to actually be able to ask for a quota increase.

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If you’ve confirmed that your subscription is active, your billing details are correct, and you believe you’re within your usage limits, but the issue persists, it’s advisable to reach out to OpenAI’s customer support directly. They can investigate the issue further and provide specific assistance based on your account details.