Plugin development access - completed waitlist and now?

According to below link plus subscribers can have plug-in, I have it. How long should I have wait to develop my own plugin? God knows! this is very frustrating…

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Welcome to the forum.

When did you apply to the waitlist to be a developer?

As a user myself, I can only report many have the same question and have been waiting.

We can speculate about the criteria:

  • have you made a compelling and unique case in your waitlist application, that could also include your company, background, and other information that would make an OpenAI reviewer press “approve”?
  • Does OpenAI have the staffing and resources to handle adding even more members to the existing community of plugin developers that currently have their own concerns, such as an extended wait just to have their plugin reviewed for safety – or even to have code modifications approved while their plugin is suspended by simply having submitted a code update?

I have applied and waiting more than 2 weeks.

Me too, I am also a plus user and I have applied and waiting since one week ago!

Please help us out :hugs: :hugs:

Note: I am not an OpenAI employee.

Many who signed up on the waitlist on the first day may still not have it.

My understanding that those who are receiving the ChatGPT developer options

  • Granted by an OpenAI employee as special consideration (This is how I gained access)


  • Signed up before, June 16 2023. (tweet) (ref)
  • Were a ChatGPT Plus subscriber on that date.
  • One payment for ChatGPT Plus was completed before that date. This means money was received by OpenAI.


  • Are a ChatGPT Plus subscriber and your access was fulfilled by being on the waitlist.


  • The waitlist applies.

If you received access and have not been a ChatGPT Plus subscriber consider yourself very fortunate.

As you noted that you just signed up, my understanding is that your access will be based on the waitlist and there are many before you.

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Hi @Foxalabs, I have been a ChatGPT Plus user since April and had sent the plugins developer waitlist form since the beginning.

Unfortunately, I’ve not received a confirmation email (who should receive after sending the form) or get approved.

It’d be helpful if you can help check it, or any suggestion is more than welcome. Thank you.

Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

Conformation emails are not sent out, you are free to make another application if you wish, new developers are granted access in batches, so there is no way for the developer forum to hurry this along.

Rather, its that there’s been no posts of “I just got plugin developer access” for a long time.

I meant, there are no conformations of signing up to the waiting list.

My friend received this email after sending out the form, and he sent the form later than me for months.

Interesting, ok well the old form did not send a conformation, might be worth sending in a new one if you have not done so already and making sure you get that reply back.