Why isn’t the “Develop your own plugin” available?

I believed I was on the waiting list for a very long time. So today I asked again.
I am a Plus user for a long time and also contributed to openAI evals repo to get access for GPT-4 API.
I will appreciate getting access to the plugin development.

Do you have access to the Plugins model in ChatGPT?

What do you see when you enable the plugins model, open the Plugins Store, and scroll to the bottom of the listings?

It should look like this,

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and this is on Desktop

Have you applied to the plugin developer wait-list?

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I tend to think that I did it twice.
Once long time ago but I can’t find a record.
And again 2 days ago. On which I got email stating that I am in the waiting list.

Any updates on this?
My confirmation is from 17 July 2023 at 12:00 but I didn’t received it yet.

There have not been any new plugin developers for a while now, All you can do is be patient, if you have a waitlist application in the system then you will gain access at some point, the developer forum has no way to influence the internal waitlists of OpenAI.

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Did openai decide to stop adding more developers to plugin developers?
It is quite a long time, from my request, and it seems that in the past it took much less, so I tend to think that they are not giving more.
CAn someone comment on this?

Just went fishing for the plugin dev access e-mail, took me around 11 days to get it. Hang in there, your access might just be a few days away.

I still did not get it, where can I see if it is still pending or rejected and if rejected what is the reason?