Why isn't the "Develop your own plugin" available?

I signed up in the waiting list for ChatGPT plugin development. The plugins are now available including the plugin store, but I can’t develop my own plugin because this option is not appearing.

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Plug-in development is still behind the waitlist, you need to be approved. Plug-in store/usage is available to all Plus members.

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Thank you for the reply, I just wanted to make sure I will be able to develop a plugin sooner or later (I’m planning to build a startup from it).

Did you end up getting access? I have been waiting for a while but I’ve also heard conflicting reports of people saying on average you get it within a week.

No, I don’t have access to it. I’ve been waiting for some weeks.

How long we need to wait?

Same issue here, need to add a plugin but no access to the feature. Have everything else except of “Develop your own plugin”. Hope it will appear soon

The form to apply for creating plug-ins was odd. We use DevOps for source control. Why would we have a GitHub account? Worried that AI will not process our application because that field wasn’t “complete” GitHub link required?

Does anyone know if the application form (for plugin development) is still alive somewhere?

Where someone can sign up for the waitlist ?

I’m a plus subscriber and have signed up for the developer plugin waitlist last week. Is there any official visibility into the wait times?

Can anyone who recieved an approval recently share when they signed up?

Like most of you I’m excited by the possibilities and am anxious to get started!


Me too. I am a plus user, but still on the endless plugin developer waiting list. Hoping we can get it sooner

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" * From a logged in ChatGPT session, click “Plugins” on the right and scroll down to the “Plugin Store”.

  • Click “Develop your own plugin”."

I dont see the: “Develop your own plugin” option eather. I guess it is behind a waiting list

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It’s been a couple of weeks. Please OpenAI, just be transparent about when we can test PlugIns locally. Happy to pay for the priv.

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Yes it is. I think the normal one for other stuff also included that option, long time since i did it so i remember nothing exept that i easily found it by searching for “openai waitlist”

Let me know if you cant find it :sunny:

Everyone with an active plus subscription who was on the developer waitlist should now have access!

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