Plugin developpment access to Plus subscribers

I would like start experimenting soon with plugin development.
I have a Plus plan on a different account and I wonder how long it might take to have access.
it says that “no waitlist” is required for ChatGPT Plus subscriber. Is that still the case ?

Welcome to the forum!

Yes, just fill out the form and you should be granted access.


Hi there,
I am exactly in the same boat as … I wanted to experiment plugin development and I thought the subscribers of Plus plan does not need a waitlist so I have subscribed… However after I subscribed I saw I can use existing plugins but I can’t start writing plugin. Then for that I returned back and submitted that form for waitlist, its been more than a week and its a total silence. I don’t even know if I will ever get access to “create plugin” so I can start developing my own plugins. Anyone has an experience on this, knows how long the wait usually takes etc?

Also, I think the wording in the banner on plugin documentation page is misleading. It sounds like if you pay for Plus subscription you don’t need a waitlist, you can start creating your plugin too, but in reality that’s not the case. That difference is not clear I think, and seeing 's message shows that I am not the only one who thought like that.


Did you specify that you wanted to develop a plugin on the form? If not, I’d fill it in again and this time make sure you selected the developer option.

Yeah, I answered all those questions, also specified what kind of applications I am interested in to build at very high level.