Questions about chatgpt plugin waitlist approval

Hi, I am plus user and joined the waitlist by developer and received an mail on July 24th.

I already say that it takes time to approve, but my team leader told me to contact by email because approve takes too long.
I don’t know how to contact by email, so I inevitably create topic.
Sorry for repeated issue.

My question is

  1. I saw an Topic that said it was approved once on June 16. Hasn’t anything been approved since then?
  2. Can I know the approximate next approval schedule?
  3. Is there a possibility that my writing on the waitlist will not be approved due to insufficient?

Thank you for reading my topic and I’m looking forward to making a nice plugin with your help.

My instinct in these circumstances have always been something to the effect of: “Dont push it. They will get to you when they get to you”

Because we are not entitled to these featured of their product.

It falls inline with the logic of “dont insult the waiter” for obvious reasons.

There is a queue, and they are looking through it.
I cant imagine pushing the envelope getting you there faster.

Thats my honest opinion.

Welcome to the forum,

As @generalbadwolf has already correctly pointed out, there is a queue. Plugin developers are added in batches as it’s not as simple as just setting a flag on an account (I’m not sure what exactly has to be done, but I asked the question and was informed it’s not a simple process)

So, there is typically an announcement in the Announcements category by a member of OpenAI staff that there will be a new batch of Plugin developers being onboarded.

It’s a balancing act between available compute resources and the millions of people who want to try out developing with it.

to be fair… The fact that i have not been granted access to gpt4 32k has nothing to do with a static queue…
But yes, i agree otherwise.

Being a prominent youtuber helps in getting access to such edge use architectures.
Scientists don’t get that that privilege.