Plus, waitlist < June 16, still no plugin developer access


I have a situation similar to this user. I’m paying for plus, I was on the waitlist prior to June 16th, but I still haven’t received plugin developer access. I’ve submitted several times since then. I saw @logankilpatrick 's message about status being granted to all folk on the waitlist:

So I’m hoping for some help. Advice welcome from anyone else who faced a similar situation!

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Hi Jason,

You need to have signed up to the waitlist for developer access here

Since Twitter changed its policy regarding the visibility of tweets and the number of people who can view them each day, it seems that I was fortunate enough to catch Logan’s tweet early today. This information is particularly useful for those who do not have a Twitter account.


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Thanks @Foxabilo,

I had signed up on that waiting list, back on June 12th. I have the email confirmation that I was on the list. Yet I still don’t have access, despite being an Plus subscriber. Do you have any other advice?


Many users at PluginLab report the same issue. Would love to get update on this.


@EricGT, thank you for re-posting that. I have been on the waitlist since before that announcement, but I’m still unable to access plugin development. Did you have any other suggestions?


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I thought that maybe this was related to my not having Custom Instructions. It just took some time for that to show up, but my account has that now. I still, however, do not have the plugin developer options. Is anyone else still experiencing this issue?

What is to be expected for Plus subscribers who entered the plug-in developer wait-list after the 16th of July?

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Another possibly related quirk I see:

There are several plugins I can find through external engines, (e.g. Recombinant AI™ & ChatGPT plugins for AI Development Tools Like Recombinant AI™) that I do not have in my plugin store. The plugin itself is described as ‘unknown plugin’ in the chat session, but it seems to work just fine when I use it. This goes for several that I do not have in my plugin store. Related?

Hey @jason.hemann, did you solve this? I am in the same situation. Joined the Waitlist on 6/25 and 7/10 again. I am a plus member (been since January) but also don’t have the “Develop Your Own Plugin” option. @logankilpatrick, any insight into how long this may take? Thank you for your help!

@lurainekimmerle , no, so far no resolution. I cannot develop plugins and some plugins that are developed and available I cannot see in the plugins store, but can access if I click through from another site that offers them . Both issues still persist , unsure if they are related. Haven’t heard from @logankilpatrick , maybe he will stop by this thread at some point.

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Hi, thanks very much. I have already signed up on that list. Since June 12, and also several times since then. I have the emails acknowledging that I was on the waiting list since before the 16th, as well as the follow ups. So I know that I was on the waiting list before June 16th. Do you have any other suggestions to try?

There is no “form below” anymore on that page. I don’t know where to apply!

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Same thing for me. I keep being sent to the same link, which seems to be the same link I originally followed to join the waitlist previously, but the form is gone now. I think the form was there yesterday, though, so hopefully, this means something will be updated with access soon.

yes, strange, I built a plugin that I simply want to run locally with ChatGPT but I need to be approved to test it locally.

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I am a Plus subscriber and have been using the API for about 1 year with a focus on GPT-4 since March. But I do not have the ability to test my plugin on my local computer . From the OpenAI Retrieval plugin repo readme below … “Develop your own plugin” does not appear on my ChatGPT.

Testing a Localhost Plugin in ChatGPT

To test a localhost plugin in ChatGPT, use the provided local_server/ file, which is specifically configured for localhost testing with CORS settings, no authentication and routes for the manifest, OpenAPI schema and logo.

Follow these steps to test your localhost plugin:

  1. Run the localhost server using the poetry run dev command. This starts the server at the default address (e.g. localhost:3333).

  2. Visit ChatGPT, select “Plugins” from the model picker, click on the plugins picker, and click on “Plugin store” at the bottom of the list.

  3. Choose “Develop your own plugin” and enter your localhost URL (e.g. localhost:3333) when prompted.

In exactly that same situation @kirk . Hopefully @logankilpatrick will stop by sometime and can let us (me!) know what’s going on and maybe give a status update.

From the blog post’s announcement I understand that all Plus subscribers will get plug-in developer access.
But for those of us who are Plus subscribers and don’t have it, yet, we apparently have to wait until some internal processes are cleared, or whatever.
I will keep monitoring the blog and the “store” hoping to get some updates soon.

ChatGPT Plugins will now be available to all ChatGPT plus subscribers, no waitlist required!

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Part of my role as Community Champion is to highlight issues like this and make sure OpenAI are aware. I can’t promise a timeline for a fix, but this does seem to be an oversight. I will raise this issue.


Thank you @Foxabilo . Please let me know if there’s additional documentation I can provide.