My card was used for ChatGPT subscription payment: fraud

Just to make sure I understand correctly.

Is this what Stripe reported? Or is this from your statements?

I’m confident, but not positive that Stripe uses snapshots for their lookup. So any actions that happened after the charge wouldn’t be reflected in the lookup tool. Again, not positive.

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It’s from my statements, Stripe did not provide any information

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hi just wanted to add on.
from singapore holding an SGD credit card and got a USD 20 charge from CHATGPT SUBSCRIPTION , along with what looks like a phone number appearing on the statement…

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This is in my bank statement

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Thank you.

There’s not too much I can see from this. Other than my charge was $22.60 (USD) which was $31.01 in CAD. Yours seems to be perfectly $20. Also, the name on my statement is exactly “CHATGPT SUBSCRIPTION SAN FRANCISCO CA”. My API service charges come up as “OPENAI SAN FRANCISCO CA”

I’m leaning towards your charges being impersonated, but honestly I don’t know. It could just be how your bank displays it?

Regardless, whatever it is, it is fraud.

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I’m not sure this is related to the fraud, but this topic is interesting

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I actually just make a topic about this :sweat_smile:

I’m also experiencing the same thing. I have no idea why this happened.

I’ve contacted my back to issue me a new card. One week later, it happens again. I have no idea how they got my credit card number

Same for me. 3 transactions yesterday. I just blocked the card. This is very weird because I haven’t used this card except for paying 3-4 subscriptions.

Same happened to me, 3 transactions bout 2 weeks ago

Same here.
German bank and VISA debit, 3x ChatGPT subscription(which I definitely NEVER subscribed) and PICMONKEY and some other 1$ crap from a delivery company.
Although bank uses 2FA it was originally booked and then refunded by the bank.
Card blocked.

Nice new AI world with CC frauds…

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Subject: Report of Fraudulent Activity and Request for Action Against ChatGPT Account

Dear OpenAI Support Team,

I am writing to report a serious issue concerning a specific ChatGPT account registered under the email address: This account has been involved in fraudulent activities, including unauthorized credit card transactions for upgrading to ChatGPT Plus and ongoing monthly subscription renewals.

The account holder has been using stolen credit card information, such as CVVs from foreign bank cards, to pay the $20 monthly subscription fee for ChatGPT Plus. Furthermore, it has come to my attention that the account owner is continuously renewing the subscription every month using the same illegitimate means.

As a responsible user of your platform, I felt compelled to bring this matter to your attention and request that appropriate actions be taken against this user. Considering the severity of this issue, I urge you to investigate this account’s transaction history and, if the allegations are proven true, implement a ban or suspension to prevent further misuse of ChatGPT.

Protecting the integrity and security of the ChatGPT platform for all users is essential. Taking swift action against accounts involved in fraudulent activities will help maintain a safe and trustworthy environment for all.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter, and I trust that you will handle this situation with the utmost professionalism and urgency.


Had the same issue happen to me from Singapore. Weird thing is that I have never provided any card information detail to ChatGPT or downloaded anything remotely related to it, and I never use this particular card for any financial transactions. Called my bank to cancel the transaction (which was still under pending). I also never had any OTP messages, either. It appeared as “CHATGPT SUBSCRIPTION +14158799…” in my list of transactions.

I have done some research into this and would like to ask you all - are your credit/debit cards managed by Visa? It seems to be a brute force attack, and Visa is more susceptible to these kinds of attack. This was not likely to be done by OpenAI if you had NOT made any subscription - a fake name is likely being used.

Yes, I confirm, my card is VISA.

Mine is also VISA. I’m from Singapore too.

Hello! The same story. Visa card from Kazakhstan bank. 3x20 = 60 USD. CHATGPT subscription. Without confirmación by SMS. Thats a pity that Openai does nothing. And impossible to Contact them.

This is because the deduction was not done by OpenAI at all, but a “shell” company that is using the name to mislead you. Your bank account number has been correctly guessed by a bot, so block your card and keep a close watch on your next one. If possible, use a credit card instead.

From Singapore too, got hit by this fraudulent transaction.

It shows as CHATGPT SUBSCRIPTION OP EN <Date> <Card Number> USD 20.00

My guess is they brute forced the credit card numbers and purposely made the amount small so that it would not trigger any alerts to the user.

Blocked the card, locked my other cards for online and overseas transactions…

Stay safe all

Hi all,

I got the same thing here in Belgium.
One payement of 21,98€ to CHATGPT SUBSCRIPTION on 09/05/2023 at 03:29 AM
Pretty sure I was asleep then.
And yet another payement of 59,97€ to Premium-Mitglietschaft on 09/05/2023 at 09:47.

And guess what, I think it started because of the previous purchase, one I actually did make, for an order on Amazon…
Anyone else Who can relate an Amazon purchase prior to those fraudulent transactions?