My card was used for ChatGPT subscription payment: fraud

Happened to me too. Charged $24 twice by “ChatGPT”. I had no memory of buying subscription nor using that card online recently. Suspect fraud. Scary in that they somehow got the account details!!!
Bank account opened in the UK.

Germany. Three cards from the same bank are affected. No idea how this can even be possible.

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Bank account in Finland. If I was to subscribe I’d use my overseas card for 0% VAT.

My bank requires 2 factor authorization for all card payments via mobile app that is only usable on activated devices. In case of a subscription payment, it still has to be pre-authorized via 2FA first.

That’s what makes it even more baffling.

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Same here, but we’ve found out, that with our bank “sometimes” they don’t ask for it.

Either there was a man in the middle or the devices are corrupted, since that affected Creditcard is barely used.

Are you guys using any sort of ChatGPT plugins/extensions/apps?
By plugins, I mean for your browser, or whatever. Not the literal ChatGPT Plugins

No, nothing of that sort, just a tab with ChatGPT.

You have never used ChatGPT outside of the official website?

My current (wild) thought is that people are creating honeypots to gather credit card information so that they can create & sell accounts to people who are not given access. Or just to bypass the limit.

I can’t remember, does OpenAI not ask for any additional details such as address, or at least a postal code? I may be wrong, but I believe they use Stripe to process payments. Which is strange, because they have some solid anti-fraud measures


Absolutely correct and the receiver just fakes his name, but it’s still not good at all, that ChatGPT doesn’t give a feedback anyhow. Also: Since we’re not customers, who knows, if that’s not a problem on OpenAI site

Not sure - but we also don’t believe it’s actually openAI charging us

Good point. I skipped that entirely just thinking people weren’t spelling it correctly.
Here is my actual charged information for comparison

We found your charge
We found some information about your $22.60 charge
on <month>, <day>, 2023. You were charged by:


We encourage you to reach out to OpenAI, LLC directly with any questions. Here’s their contact information:

548 Market Street

PMB 97273

San Francisco, CA, 94104-5401


You can go here to find out if the charge is actually from OpenAI

I got the transaction charged to my credit card and called the card company. The bank refunded me .The charge is NOT from chatgpt. Pls call your bank and block the card.

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Hi, I am just writing, because I also had 3 x20 USD charges, and my bank does not want to give it back… What is going on in here?

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Can you use the charge lookup tool and confirm that it was actually OpenAI that charged you?

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I just registered to put this message, I have never used this app before, I have already contacted my bank as it was a fraud

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That’s a good first step.

For the sake of understanding, could you try the charge lookup and confirm if it actually was OpenAI that charged you, or something else?

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Same situation for me. I received a 2FA from my bank on 26/04/2023 at 22:40 for 24 USD CHATGTP subscription , I did not notice the request so it was discarded, but at the same time I received a SMS from my bank, telling me that there was a potential fraud. Saw both the request and the SMS 27/04/2023 at 10 AM. I cancelled my credit card right away.
Unfortunetely, the 28/04/2023, I received a notification for 2 x 24 USD CHATGTP subscription which where authorized by my Bank the 27/04/2023 without 2FA …
I have never used ChatGTP, I guess the money does not go to, their billing system seems completely fooled … Where is the real intelligence :frowning:

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You are saying “CHATGTP”, but the charge should have been as “CHATGPT”. As mentioned twice now, you should first lookup the charge using the mentioned Stripe Charge Lookup tool to determine if it even was OpenAI that billed you, or a scammer that has used your credentials and is trying to hide using ChatGPT.

I wonder why they are trying to disguise themselves as a ChatGPT, or ChatGTP plus subscription.

Regardless, your credit card information has been compromised and has nothing to do with OpenAI.

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My mistake, CHATGTP was a typo, the exact wording is “CHATGPT SUBSCRIPTION OPENAI.COM 24.0 USD”
I tried Stripe Charge Lookup tool, but infortunately they can’t find any information … may be due to the card cancellation. Below the text from Stripe:

Un problème est survenu
Nous avons rencontré une erreur inattendue lors de la recherche de votre paiement. Cette erreur peut se produire lorsque plusieurs paiements correspondent au montant et à la date recherchés ou si le numéro de carte bancaire n’est pas valide. Pour résoudre ce problème, veuillez contacter notre service d’assistance.

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Thank you for following up.

Your error message is strange. I don’t know if it’s because it’s a different language, but it seems to say that there have been multiple charges. Which aligns with what you said. It also says “an error with the credit card”. Slightly ambiguous. Here’s the error message I get when I enter a false date:

Something went wrong
We’re sorry, we couldn’t find a charge with those exact details.
Please make sure the information you’ve entered is correct. If everything still looks correct, try tweaking the date to be a day earlier or later. Alternatively, you can contact us and we’ll try to find out more.

Compared to yours (Translated via Google)

A problem has occurred
We encountered an unexpected error while fetching your payment. This error can occur when multiple payments match the amount and date you are looking for, or if the credit card number is invalid. To resolve this issue, please contact our support department.

I don’t really understand how they can say “either there’s multiple charges, or the card is wrong”. It’s one or the other, I would have thought. It could be that you’re right and cancelling the card has caused this strange error message.

For reference, my charge is exactly as so:

Hopefully someone else can provide more information.

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Both situations fits regarding Stripe lookup:

  • 3 payments match the same amount, 1 rejected and 2 granted without A2F
  • Card number is now invalid, but obviously was valid 26/04/2023
    I tried 25 and 27/04 lookup, in case of different TimeZone, did not work better :frowning:
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