Unexpected charges to my credit card

Hello Community,

I am reaching out to alert you and seek any advice regarding some unexpected charges on my bank statement. The charges, totaling approximately $1,100 USD, are listed as being from OpenAI, but I have not used any OpenAI services, nor have I authorized these transactions.

Here are the key points:

  • The transactions occurred on April 3, 2024.
  • They were for amounts of $550, $440, and $110 USD.
  • There is no record of usage or charges on my OpenAI account.
  • I have already contacted OpenAI support and am awaiting a detailed response.

I’ve had to cancel my card due to these suspicious charges and wanted to make the community aware in case anyone else has experienced something similar. If you have any insights or have faced similar issues, please let me know.

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We cannot help you here on the forum; you will have to wait for OpenAI support to get back to you. I would also contact your bank. It would be a good idea to check to ensure that these charges are actually from OpenAI and not a fraudulent source posing as OpenAI.

Thanks, grandell. Are you on the OpenAI payroll?

I 'm stopping trust OpenAI, apart of unknown charge on my credit card also if I have $2500 in credits, after deleting my payment method they continued charging without any reason and no way to talk with support or a human. They retains your credit card data. I’m also worried about deleting my account, I don’t trust them anymore. Hope that Claude by Anthropic will be available soon in my country. At my side OpenAI is dead

The exact same thing just happened with my credit card.
First $110, then $440 and $550 have charged.
I got emails from OpenAI that my API usage limit had increased but there’s no record of usage or charges on my OpenAI account.
One suspicious thing is the emails sent to my email address and also to mopgtarwiidesma@mail.com which I never know.

Would cancelling my API KEY stop the misuse of my details

Today 06.06.24 my card were charged 6 times by Open AI in the amount of 1005 USD, I have never added this card to my Open AI account, the funds were stolen and it was a fraud. I have already contacted to my bank and to Open AI support, but not sure there will be success (((

Omg, Exactly the same has happened to me. I’ve been hit with multiple unauthorized charges from OpenAI totaling $1220.47 today. The charges are for $10, $90, $20.47, $200, and $800. I have blocked my card, contacted my bank, and am desperately trying to contact OpenAI. Chatbots are everywhere. Where should I write to receive a human response?
Guys, anyone who experienced this earlier, please let me know how it ended.

You need to go to https://help.openai.com, choose Account, billing etc section, then start chat at the bottom left side and report about fraud - they will ask you to provide your card details and bank details. But no guarantee they will reply)


Thank you so much. Done. Though it seems like it is again just bots in this chat

I ran into a similar situation four hours ago.
5, 100,500,100 $ was debited by OpenAI without any warnings and confirmations.
Did anyone solve this issue?

Did you get an answer from them?

No, it may take months going by messages that I found here or they will never reply.

I was charged 6 times by open-ai and I don’t know if they will respond to us. And now they won’t accept another card and all my assistants are stopped.

Same with me, but larger amounts.
I managed to freeze my card after the first 2 transactions went through.
They started with a $0 test transaction
Then $100

I managed to quickly freeze my card and they tried 4 more transactions:

I contacted my bank and waiting for their reply ( wise )

The problem was solved, I received a reply from OpenAI that they located fraud transactions from my card(seems that chatbot works). And they will proceed with my bank directly since I opened a dispute via my bank (chargeback procedure) regarding these fraud cases immediately at the same day, besides writing to chatbot support.My bank confirmed me today that they have already got a reply from OpenAI/Stripe(processing company for OpenAI) and funds will be refunded in one moth or so. Good luck guys, keep your card details safety. You also can check your fraud transactions (may not find each, its needed to try all amounts) with stripe support here https://support.stripe.com/charge-lookup

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Thanks for this. I only noticed today, 3 days later after all my balance was taken from my account. I have contacted both my bank, submitted a dispute and contacted OpenAI. Hoping it can be resolved as well.

How long did it take for OpenAi to get back to you regarding this?

One week, check your transactions(it may find only one of yours, try all amounts) on Stripe support page, it helps to solve the problem faster