My card was used for ChatGPT subscription payment: fraud

A couple of days ago my card was used three times for unauthorized subscription payments. 60 USD in total (3 x 20 USD).
I didn’t subscribe to a Plus plan and moreover, I never used my card with ChatGPT, which means I didn’t insert any of my card details. My settings in ChatGPT show that I don’t have any subscriptions.

How did this situation ever happen? Who used my card details and how and by whom they were revealed? How do I refund this sum?

I tried to contact support in chat and via email but got no response.


Hello @rajuroyal
Of course, I informed my bank and did everything they told me to. That includes contacting Chatgpt support. No answer from them. I wonder who used my card and how my card details went to chatgpt or to someone else. I didn’t use my card to buy anything online or from suspicious places.

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The same just happened to me. I didn’t subscribe to a Plus plan and also never used my card with ChatGPT. But got 3 unauthorized transactions “CHATGPT SUBSCRIPTION” 23.80 USD each.

it happened to me two days ago as well, exactly the same situation and I didn’t subscribe plus nor provide any card detail to chatGPT. This looks so scary to me now.

@spoluer @Joshua_w did you try to contact chatGPT support? any response?

Wow. It happened to me on 14 April too! I did not key in my card details for any online transaction and definitely did not subscript to chatgpt plus. Somehow my card was charged 20USD for the subscription… Informed my bank and they cancelled the card and will investigate. Contacted chatgpt but no response…

same here twice x 23.80 USD CHATGPR SUBSCRIPTION + another 35.70 from MIDJOURNEY INC. I never subscribed to neither of these services

I got unauthorized transaction “CHATGPT SUBSCRIPTION” for 23.80 USD + another 1.00 USD from PICMONKEY.
I never used my card with ChatGPT, which means I didn’t insert any of my card details. I never used ChatGPT or PICMONKEY.

I just have the same issue here with one payment to ChatGPT that I did not subscribe to.
I assume my VISA card number and details have been compromised.
My card is now locked. I will investigate with my bank.

Same here. Have 2 unauthorized transactions from Chat GPT and two more from PICMONKEY. Seems to be Fraud. Wondering why no 2FA was necessary to approve the transactions. Still waiting for a response from Chat GPT Support.

It’s happened with me too. 20USD unauthorized transaction for CHATGPT SUBSCRIPTION.

It’s happened with me, too. I got unauthorized transaction “CHATGPT SUBSCRIPTION” yesterday.

The same today.

4 transactions on 20$ each, totally 80$!

Same happened to me. 4 transactions, totalling 80$. Contacted bank and support. No response yet.

hey… i also got charged 4 x 22 USD 5 days ago i have not provided any bank details or subscribed to the chat gpt plus, how can i contacty them and resolve the case??

Weird… I also got charged twice last sunday (Apr 23). but just now i received a text saying a refund is due. I didnt initiate either transaction; in fact I didnt know it charged me if it wasnt for the refund notification… weird.

@All: Here too, with a german Bank account.
FIRST: The link they are posting here is not valid
SECOND: ChatGPT bypasses 2FA
THIRD: No support reaction, via email, twitter, linked in

We’re getting a lawyer now - this is not even close to funny

Wow… This same happened to me on 15.4. (EU time). I was charged 3 x 24,80$ for “CHATGPT SUBSCRIPTION”.

The funny thing is that I have never proceeded to input my card number to OpenAI that I remember of, although I’ve been planning to.

Anyway, I still have no active subscription. Support hasn’t responded for 11 days.

@ALL: Where are you from? I’m from germany, Bank account in germany

Guys, OpenAI / ChatGPT would not be randomly charging accounts.
Especially if you have never even paid for any of their services.

What’s more likely is that your card(s) were stolen somehow and are being used.