Unrecognized billing from OPENAI

Yesterday i noticed two payements of 100 dollars each to OPENAI. I immidiatlly contacted my bank to freeze my card so no more payments can be done using my card. I also already reached out to openai support but havn’t gotten any responds yet.

So i started looking on the internet if some people have the same issue and I was shocked to learn how many people have the exact same problem as me. They all say the same thing: they got billed without giving any info about bank account or even trying to upgraded their plan. They all say they don’t get any response from the support so my question actually comes down to this:

Did people who had the same problem get this resolved? And I mean not with the bank but did OPENAI help them in any way? This is just all kind of strange to me because i never click on anything wrong in my life and I have never lost my cards either. Could be that I got hacked idk I just want to hear from people who have had the same problem.

Same happened to me today. Credit card was charged 4 times, totaling -500€ before i noticed and froze card. Awaiting for the answer from both parties.
How did it resolve? Did you get your funds back?

Same happened for me the 30th of May. 12 transactions for a total of 400 $.
Nothing appeared on my OpenAI account. No response of OpenAI.
It could be interested to know the final outcome of people who had the same problem previously. especially if OpenAI takes care of the problem.

Hi there! I think after 5 days they just deposited my money back into my account. Really strange, I didn’t get any explanation but I was just glad I got my money back. Hope you guys get your money back aswell.

Hello! Could you provide information about who exactly returned the money to your card? Was it your bank or OpenAI?
I had several scam transactions last night. I haven’t used the card for six months now, I barely use this exact card. And yesterday I used the card to make a transaction on the Booking app to rent a car with the VPN ON. This seemed strange because the first transaction failed, then I used ApplePay in the Booking app and the transaction completed. A few hours later, 5x20 $ went to openai according to the list of bank transactions.

Just checked the billing history at OpenAI and found no record of any transactions there

I got my money back ( 500 USD)
I blocked my card when I saw continues charges without my permission.
I notified my credit card provider.
They reinstated my funds in 24 hours after reporting an issue.
OpenAI gave no response.

It was OpenAI itself that deposited the money back. The same reference as the OpenAI that took the money in the first place.

I received the transaction details from my bank and the data shows that the recipient is OpenAI!

One year ago there was a post about fraudulent OpenAI transactions and it’s happening again

I once had an unclear charge from OpenAI, but a week later it was refunded to my Visa card. It’s best to temporarily lock your card and contact OpenAI support.

Today I had six unauthorised transactions to OpenAI from my card, first 5 usd, then 100,again 100, and again 100usd, 200usd and 500usd. It was one after another, every second and very quickly… luckily at this moment my phone was in my hand and I was able to block my card via app, it took seconds but amount 1005usd was already stolen unfortunately. I contacted OpenAI support. Hopefully the will reply

My problem was solved with OpenAI and my bank regarding those fraud transactions and funds will be refunded.