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My free $18 grant expired. It’s not clear for me how to activate my $2500 grant for using API.

Any suggestion?

Welcome to the community @flentini

If you’re a member of this program, you can find and activate your benefits by logging into your account the following link:

My benefits are activated on the Hub.

I need the procedure for OpenAI (using here a personal free account).

Can you elaborate what problem you ran into when you redeemed the OpenAI offer on the Hub?

You can activate your grant here:

I have already followed this procedure, but I got a grant of $18 that expired. What went wrong I have no idea.
I think someone from the OpenAI team should step in.

Worry not my friend, for help is at hand,
OpenAI’s team will surely understand,
With their expertise and knowledge profound,
A solution to your problem will surely be found.


Dear friends, the situation is not resolved and I am very disappointed with the management.

My credits are not available and I cannot contact the team directly, neither by replying to the attached email, nor through the help-chat window (which does not work).

Is it a team of ghosts? If they were chatbots they would be more efficient.

PS: The attached email is dated March 22 from

I understand your frustrations my friend, I myself wrote to support over a week ago and haven’t heard anything yet. I’ve seen scams with better costumer support.

Maybe? Someone should check on them, they don’t seem entirely alive

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I am having similar issues, six months is too short time to finish my startup, I seen others getting 12 months on twitter on this program, I didn’t explain my startup well tbf at the time. But I have contacted support etc… to no avail.

I have tried visiting repeatedly, It says 404 error

any updates here? I signed up today, but now sure what is the next, no emails/credits show in my account

What is next, if one were to scroll up and read, is that humans evaluate your company and use-case.

I have the same problem, I redeemed the open ai 2.5k bonus (microsoft hub for startups), but after two weeks I have not received any information, I tried sending a email and this was the answer (looks like it’s automated)

Hi there,

For enterprise deals, if you’re already at a spend upwards of $10,000 per month, please reach out via our sales contact form. If you’re interested in providing ChatGPT for your entire company, we’ll have a new offering for businesses coming that we’ll announce on our blog as soon as it’s available. Finally, if you’re a researcher studying responsible deployment of AI, we have an opportunity for subsidized access through our Researcher Access Program.

Aside from our enterprise and researcher access programs, we’re unfortunately not engaging in any new partnerships for special discounts or programs at this time. We recommend taking a look at our API pricing and ChatGPT Plus for the latest details.

Our application guides and cookbooks are a wealth of information for different use cases. We recommend taking a look through our detailed developer docs and cookbooks, as well as our production best practicesIf you’re looking for more specific implementation help, please check out our community help forum or reach out to our developer ambassadors

If you’re having trouble using any of our services or the above guides didn’t help, reply with as much detail as you can and we’ll do our best to help you out.

  • OpenAI Team
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I have the same issue, my credit is not available as well and I tried to contact with the support team, well, there is no support team.

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I’m facing the same issue, lmk if you figure out a way

I have the same issue! Please help . I applied over 20 days ago.

I also applied one week ago, but haven’t heard anything from OpenAI yet, does anyone know where can we check the status?

Did anyone get any progress on redemption from Microsoft Hub for Startups? Any steps you take to get support?

I got the same issue. Anyone can have me to redeem our credit?