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My free $18 grant expired. It’s not clear for me how to activate my $2500 grant for using API.

Any suggestion?

Welcome to the community @flentini

If you’re a member of this program, you can find and activate your benefits by logging into your account the following link:

My benefits are activated on the Hub.

I need the procedure for OpenAI (using here a personal free account).

Can you elaborate what problem you ran into when you redeemed the OpenAI offer on the Hub?

You can activate your grant here:

I have already followed this procedure, but I got a grant of $18 that expired. What went wrong I have no idea.
I think someone from the OpenAI team should step in.

Worry not my friend, for help is at hand,
OpenAI’s team will surely understand,
With their expertise and knowledge profound,
A solution to your problem will surely be found.


Dear friends, the situation is not resolved and I am very disappointed with the management.

My credits are not available and I cannot contact the team directly, neither by replying to the attached email, nor through the help-chat window (which does not work).

Is it a team of ghosts? If they were chatbots they would be more efficient.

PS: The attached email is dated March 22 from

I understand your frustrations my friend, I myself wrote to support over a week ago and haven’t heard anything yet. I’ve seen scams with better costumer support.

Maybe? Someone should check on them, they don’t seem entirely alive

I am having similar issues, six months is too short time to finish my startup, I seen others getting 12 months on twitter on this program, I didn’t explain my startup well tbf at the time. But I have contacted support etc… to no avail.