Microsoft Hub for Startups

I think you would be better served contacting Microsoft for a resolution to this.


I’m joining this discussion as I’m facing similar issues with the Microsoft Hub for Startups program, particularly with activating and using the OpenAI benefits. I have followed the provided steps but am encountering obstacles in accessing my credits and resources. I would appreciate any guidance or advice on how to resolve these issues. Are there additional steps or verifications that I need to complete? Has anyone else experienced similar challenges and could share how they overcame them?

Thank you for your assistance.

I have the same issue! My credits were not applied!

Any solution?

I sent an email to but it returned.

OpenAI credit looks like SCAM to me

I am having the same issue. I guess the only thing that remains is pay for their API

Send a message via OpenAI support chat. Once you have provided evidence that you have been accepted to the program, the API credits should be credited to your account.