Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub OpenAI Credit

Hello guys,

I’m seeking some advice regarding the process of redeeming $2500 OpenAI credits through the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub. I’ve successfully applied and received approval, and I see multiple services available for redemption, including OpenAI. However, I’m encountering some confusion post-application.

After selecting OpenAI and proceeding to ‘redeem > activate’, I’m directed to a form requesting details like first name, last name, email, and organization ID. Upon submission, I receive a “Thank you for your submission” message, but I haven’t yet received the credits. I’m curious about what happens next and if there are additional steps I need to take.

I’ve used my personal email for this process, the same one linked to my OpenAI and LinkedIn accounts. Could this affect the verification process? I’ve also noticed some discussions suggesting that further verification with OpenAI might be necessary.

Could anyone who has gone through this process provide some guidance? Did you encounter similar issues, and how did you resolve them? Any insights or steps I might have missed would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve included some images for context and clarification.

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I am facing the exact same issue. Have filled the form 7-8 times at this point, for different accounts, it just does not work. Any leads on what to do will be very helpful.

Please let me know if you get approved

I am getting the same issue - I applied multiple times and not response yet. Please let me know if you ever manage to solve this

We resolved this by contacting support directly.

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We filled out the form 3 days ago. Hopefully, they fixed the issue. fingers crossed.

Hey farouk,
Did you get the credits?

Hi @ami12 unfortunately no. still not credited.

How to contact their support directly? Email?
Please provide further information…

Hey @farouk,

Not sure if it is the same issue but with me it was solved this way.
I had incorrect and imcomplete information in my Business Page ( .com → top right corner → Click your picture → VIEW [Business] → Company information

This issue was blocking my confirmation email from arriving (but it is a silent error).
So make sure you have the right info, fill out the form again and check if you received a confirmation email

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Thanks @joaorochamelo i will do it asap

I got the credits but the form didn’t work. Email and ask for help. That’s what worked for us.

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I tried messaging them but got a generic response(twice):

Hi there,

If you have questions about how DALL-E Labs credits work, we recommend reading through our DALL-E credits guide to start.

Regarding our APIs, all new users that haven’t previously signed up with another account receive $5 worth of tokens to explore and experiment with the API. Unfortunately, the credits are only valid for three months from the date of registration and we cannot extend the validity. If you’d like to continue using the API after the free trial credits have expired or been consumed, please add your credit card and billing details to your account to upgrade your payment plan.

If you’re missing API credits from another program, we’ll need a few more details: the name of the program, a copy of the confirmation email, and the Organization ID associated with your requested credit. We’ll be happy to look into your credit further once we have that info.

Could you please advise what to do here? How do I find out my Organization ID?

I also encountered the same problem, and it is still unsolved. Is there any other better way?

I got the credits. What you have to do is send openai a message from their customer support.

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Hey, it seems your issue is that you aren’t supplying sufficient information for them to give you your credits.

You need to give them this info:

  • Name of the program: Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub
  • Confirmation Email: (A screenshot of the email you received that said you have been accepted)
  • Org ID: You can get your organization ID from here.

any updates on this. How do I contact support?

Hello we have problem, we received a letter, but 10 days have already passed and the loans have not arrived