I need Urgent Help Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub OpenAI Credit

Hello guys,

I’m seeking some advice regarding the process of redeeming $2500 OpenAI credits through the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub. I’ve successfully applied and received approval, and I see multiple services available for redemption, including OpenAI. However, I’m encountering some confusion post-application.

After selecting OpenAI and proceeding to ‘redeem > activate’, I’m directed to a form requesting details like first name, last name, email, and organization ID. Upon submission, I receive a “Thank you for your submission” message, but I haven’t yet received the credits. I’m curious about what happens next and if there are additional steps I need to take.

And also i tried to live chat and Email: microsoftstartups@openai.com and ask for help.

But they just sent a robotic auto reply always then immediatly close my conversion. No human say anything.

And in this time, What i need to do? Where i need to contact ??


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Sometimes it just takes a while. Give it a day or two and then check your dashboard https://platform.openai.com/usage

Enjoy your stay!

I have already been waiting for 15 days+. Can you please give me any unique or new suggestion, Can i contact any new email ? Do you have any new email for contact for this purpose?

Have you reached out to the Microsoft side? Do you have a contact person, or are they just handing these out to millions of people? If you’ve hit help.openai.com, you might try querying Microsoft to see if they can help.

Good luck.

Yes, I also try to knock help, They also sent auto reply and close the chat

How can I get the URL to redeem points? Can you share the link to the website?

It’s in the benefits section of Microsoft Founders Hub website. If you have not applied yet for Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, you can find more information here.

I am having the same problem, and it’s been over 30 days. Is there someone whom I can contact?

When I want to reach out for support, a robotic mechanism greets us. If you find a way, don’t forget to share it here and I will be following it.

Same issue here, I’ve been waiting for more than 20 days.

Hi there -

See this members response from a few weeks ago. He indicated that he was successful in obtaining the credits when reaching out to OpenAI support.

I assume you have used the official form to request the credits?