Login issue - one-time password required

What can be the reason of getting this message when try to login?

I have the same problem but I do NOT enable the two-factor authentication. Can anyone help?

Enable 2 factor authentication, then install Google Authenticator app. Every time you see the request for a one-time code, check the app.

Can’t login to do that… It seems activated that’s why ask for code , but i didn’t set it up before

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Did you find an solution for this issue? I have the same

hi there, I had the same problem today, but I managed to log in by using Google SSO (Sign in with Google), best

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hi, Ced
Your method works! Thank you for sharing.

I am also being affected by this, seems two-factor authentication is activated but i never activated it so i am getting none of the codes and have no way to enter my account anymore :disappointed:… Any suggestions would be great, my one isnt google email or any of the other social logins

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I have the same problem. How can I reset the two-step auhorisation, to receive a new one-time code (it was not issued in the first place and nothing sent to my mail account… )

But I’m using Google login to have this problem.

Hi guys, I had this issue today. I switched browsers (normally I use Google Chrome, but I had logged in with Safari as well). when I loaded up safari, it allowed me to sign in as it had the code ready to go (I guess safari required 2 factor login)? I really have no idea wtf happened, but this worked.

I create my openai account without using google account. Could I still use Google SSO to login?

Seems many users have same issue… 2F authentification activated by its own, there’s no way to access without this key! Support no answer, here no answer :frowning: sad