Login issue - one-time password required

What can be the reason of getting this message when try to login?

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I have the same problem but I do NOT enable the two-factor authentication. Can anyone help?

Enable 2 factor authentication, then install Google Authenticator app. Every time you see the request for a one-time code, check the app.

Can’t login to do that… It seems activated that’s why ask for code , but i didn’t set it up before

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Did you find an solution for this issue? I have the same

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hi there, I had the same problem today, but I managed to log in by using Google SSO (Sign in with Google), best

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hi, Ced
Your method works! Thank you for sharing.

I am also being affected by this, seems two-factor authentication is activated but i never activated it so i am getting none of the codes and have no way to enter my account anymore :disappointed:… Any suggestions would be great, my one isnt google email or any of the other social logins


I have the same problem. How can I reset the two-step auhorisation, to receive a new one-time code (it was not issued in the first place and nothing sent to my mail account… )

But I’m using Google login to have this problem.

Hi guys, I had this issue today. I switched browsers (normally I use Google Chrome, but I had logged in with Safari as well). when I loaded up safari, it allowed me to sign in as it had the code ready to go (I guess safari required 2 factor login)? I really have no idea wtf happened, but this worked.

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I create my openai account without using google account. Could I still use Google SSO to login?

Seems many users have same issue… 2F authentification activated by its own, there’s no way to access without this key! Support no answer, here no answer :frowning: sad

This method does work but it has drawbacks. I’d much rather figure out a way to disable 2FA so that I can continue using my OpenAI Credentials. The lack of support as a paid subscriber is maddening, My account appears in tact but the SSO approach does not offer a way to disable 2FA nor does it completely recognize my subscription when logging in to platform.openai.com. However my Chat GPT account history and billing seem synced. But I want to keep my logins separate and distinct. I think 2FA was saved as part of a plugin install but never saved to the authenticator app. Support has not responded yet.

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People! This is working!! I couldn’t get in with any other methods. But through Safari and fingerprints it let me in.

I have the same issue with a paid account. Auth enabled itself and I cant recover access. I emailed support but have not received a response. Is the AI doing this so it stops getting questions? The awakening has begun! Support help with this issue… I’m paying but can’t get access.

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Also able to get passed this by logging in with Google sign in (though I had never signed in this route before) per @Ced above, thank you!

You might be facing some errors while please clear below errors and hopefully you will get this fixed,

Kinds of ChatGPT Errors

There are different kinds of ChatGPT errors that you might encounter. Listed below are several prevalent examples and their corresponding explanations:

  • ChatGPT 404 Not Found: The web page you are trying to access has yet to exist or has been moved. It could happen if you typed the wrong URL, clicked on a broken link, or if the page has been deleted or renamed. To resolve this error, check the spelling and format of the URL, use a different browser or device, or contact the site’s webmaster.
  • ChatGPT 403 Forbidden Error: You cannot access the web page or resource. It could happen if you need to log in, verify your identity, or have been banned or blocked by the server. To resolve this error, try logging in with your credentials, requesting access from the site owner, or contacting the support team of OpenAI.
  • 500 Internal Server Error: This means a problem with the ChatGPT server prevents it from fulfilling your request. It could happen if the server is overloaded, malfunctioning, or undergoing maintenance. To resolve this error, try refreshing the web page, waiting for a few minutes and trying again, or contacting the support team of OpenAI.
  • 503 Service Unavailable Error: The ChatGPT server is temporarily unable to handle your request due to high demand or scheduled downtime. It could happen if too many users access the chatbot simultaneously or the server is undergoing updates or repairs. To resolve this error, you can try refreshing the web page, waiting a few minutes and trying again, or checking the server status at (https://status.openai.com/)
  • 429 Too Many Requests Error: You have surpassed the allowable rate limit or quota for utilizing the chatbot service. It could happen if you send too many messages quickly or share your access token with others. To resolve this error, reduce the frequency and length of your messages, use a different access token, or contact the support team of OpenAI.
  • ChatGPT Invalid Query Error: This means that your query is not valid or supported by the chatbot. It could happen if you use special characters, symbols, emojis, or languages not recognized by the chatbot. To resolve this error, you can rephrase your query more simply and clearly, using different personalities or topics for the chatbot or contacting the support team of OpenAI.
  • ChatGPT No Response Error: This means that the chatbot did not generate a response to your query. It could happen if your query needs to be more specific, complex, or off-topic for the chatbot. To resolve this error, you can rephrase your query more specifically and relevantly, using different personalities or topics for the chatbot or contacting the support team of OpenAI.
  • ChatGPT 1020 Access Denied: This means that your IP address has been blocked by Cloudflare, a service that protects websites from malicious traffic and attacks. It could happen if you have triggered a security rule on Cloudflare’s network, such as using a VPN, proxy, or bot. To resolve this error, you can disable any VPNs, proxies, or bots you use, change your IP address, or contact Cloudflare’s support team.

Hopefully it will be helpful.

just go to your passwords section in your phone… in the case of iphone, go to settings, passwords, click on the open ai saved password, once you click it will give you the verification code… truth be told, i stumbled upon this solution i dont know how… i almost didnt remember how i got to it when it asked for the code again


Thank you, tzd123! That worked just fine with my iPhone!

Phone => Settings => Passwords => openAI
Then it displays a new 6-digit code every 30 seconds

I never heard of this feature before, thanks again!

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