Issue with chatGPT Plus Subscription and Account Association?

I am facing an issue with my chatGPT Plus subscription, and I am seeking guidance from the developers or anyone who can provide assistance. Here’s the situation:

I had previously subscribed to chatGPT Plus through the App Store. However, for reasons unknown to me, my chatGPT Plus account was unexpectedly suspended. Consequently, I decided to register a new chatGPT account in order to continue using the service.

Now, when I attempted to subscribe to chatGPT Plus using the App Store for my new account, I received an error message stating: “This subscription is associated with another OpenAI account.”

I would greatly appreciate any help or advice on resolving this issue. How can I associate my new chatGPT account with the chatGPT Plus subscription on the App Store?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Did you go into the app store list of active subscriptions and cancel the subscription on Apple’s side? Even though it was suspended by OpenAI?

Yes, I canceled the subscription, and as the chatGPT account was not functional, I requested a refund, which was successfully processed on May 29th. Therefore, I believe the subscription has been completely terminated as of May 29th.

I have also encountered the same problem. Have you resolved your issue?

Welcome to the forum, yuxuanzhur1.
For account related issues please use OpenAI Help Centre in the bottom right corner is a message icon. image click the icon and enter your issue, the bot will take your details and a member of the account support team will get back to you, it may take several weeks due to the number of people currently using the system.

No one in the community has responded to this question.
Even if you send an email or describe the problem in the dialog at the bottom right of the help page, it’s like throwing a stone into the ocean.
I don’t know what the hell the billing team of openai is doing.

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I run into this problem if I try to sign into it using a different account even though my email is the same… since I signed up with my Google credentials that’s what I have to select… if you signed up using Microsoft or Google you will need to select their login mirror… I hope this helps

I have also encountered the same problem. I used a friend’s account and subscribed to the service, then canceled his subscription in the App Store.
Now I log in to my account, click subscribe, and my friend’s account is automatically renewed, and the same error message appears.

If you used your CC details on another account then it will now be associated with that account, you need to contact or visit and use the chatbot icon bottom right to enquire about a resolution.

Hello Zhou, how to request the refund? from Apple or OpenAI?

Have you tried to log in to Open AI via their website with the old account? Then check if there is still a “paid account” on their side.

Then remove that and try again.

Hope this approach helps.

The previous account was banned by openai, and I can’t log in to the previous account again

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Same problem :joy: Can I unlink my previous account since my account was banned by openai ?

Banned = banned. You can expect OpenAI to not easily allow new accounts with the same phone number, same credit card, same email account after a policy violation or detection of misuse or abuse.

If an account is deleted, even if by user choice, that phone number is no longer usable for any new account (until there is a policy change). Deleting your account will not solve any problems for you.

(Be on Reddit and get a ban: they will even detect different accounts that have IP address associations and ban them also.)

I encountered the same problem today.

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Same problem, which has happened before. My subscription was made into the banned account previously, which I can not make refund.(The apple store refuses me every time)

Have the same error today, have you solved this issue?

Please use and use the support bot in the bottom right corner.