I can't login to my account using password

I sign up using the option “continue using Google”, and I tried to find a spot where I can establish a password for my account, but I couldn’t. I tried to change my password using ‘forgot password,’ but after creating a new password, I received the following error message:

You tried signing in as “moad.odat@gmail.com” using a password, which is not the authentication method you used during sign-up. Try again using the authentication method you used during sign up. (error=identity_provider_mismatch)

If you have a question specific to your account, please visit https://help.openai.com

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Hi @moad.odat,

this is because you don’t have a password when you use the single sign on because the authentication is handled by your google account.

Single sign-on (SSO) is a technology which combines several different application login screens into one. With SSO, a user only has to enter their login credentials (username, password, etc.) one time on a single page to access all of their SaaS applications.
Taken from What is SSO? | How single sign-on works | Cloudflare

Also a good explaination would be this video: Authentication fundamentals: Web single sign-on | Azure Active Directory - YouTube

It’s regarding Azure but the technology is basically the same.

Hi llinus,
Thanks for the explanation. I just want to create a password right now but there is no way on the platform to do it

Hi PaulBellow, It’s about my subscription, not the API account

Hi if you want to be able to set up a passwort there is (at least to my knowledge) no other way to set up a new account by using E-Mail because it is not possible to set a passwort when using SSO.

Found a screenshot as proof: