Intellectualize your PDF-reading & -summarizing using Free PDFgear Chatbot

UPDATE on July 1, 2023
I’m thrilled to announce the 2nd iteration of PDFgear Chatbot - PDFgear Copilot, which allows people to interact with their PDF files as if they were talking to an assistant.
You can follow up on this post >> New Attempt at UX/UI Built with Chatgpt - Natural Language Instruction

What is PDFgear Chatbot?

The PDF reader and editor software PDFgear Desktop now introduces a groundbreaking way to chat with your PDF documents. PDFgear Chatbot, integrated with the new ChatGPT API, is a new technology that helps fast extract information from large PDF files, such as books, textbooks, essays, legal contracts, research papers, etc.

PDFgear Chatbot stands out from a plethora of online PDF chatbots by providing a more comprehensive set of advanced features including but not limited to:

  • Completely safe from cyber risks
  • Progress tracking to resume from where you left off
  • Integrated with PDF editing features
  • Merge PDFs to chat with multiple documents

As one of the best free PDF editors, PDFgear is also packed with practical editing features like PDF annotations,commenting, highlighting, page extractions, print to PDF, etc. to mark up or save important PDF information found bythe Chatbot feature.

Try it out at and let me know how you feel!

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Seems legit. If it supports chatting with scanned documents, it would be a game changer :grinning:


Not sure how it stacks up against chatPDF, but it reminds me a little of that.

Nice try.
It automatically translates the results to the system language, my language, even if the book is in English.
The AI assistant’s analysis seems entirely accurate which saves me lots of time and I can annotate which is totally free??

what struck me was that there’s no restriction on the PDF’s file size. I used to read documents with chatpdf, but now this PDF editor is more suited for taking notes while reading, I reckon.

if this is able to do all of this, it is going be an incredible tool and amazing use for this new tech! only question is how does it handle longer pdfs?

I’ve been using PDFgear for a long time, it works well on my Windows 11 computer. Now with its killer chatbot feature, it’s saved me so much time analyzing those long documents. You guys are lifesavers. Seriously, PDFgear is hands down the best PDF editor I’ve ever used. Thanks for sharing!

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It helps me to understand some of the difficult abbreviations in reports and papers and it explains them in easy-to-understand terms.

Was thinking the same thing and gadgeting with it realized it has the option to convert scanned documents to text with OCR!

I think it’s a useful tool. It keeps the information contained within the document and does not introduce anything from outside sources. There is one thing to improve, I believe, the chatbot’s understanding of complex article structures and how to summarize the user’s questions accordingly. If it improves its ability to reference and understand questions, it can compete with chatpdf.

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I love this product.
I just tested it as part of a pilot this morning.
My startup is building an Ai-powered One-Stop Healthcare Platform for Africa.
We simply have to disrupt healthcare delivery and cost.
And your product is useful in reinventing the Electronic Health Records paradigm (along with our other Ai Apps).
Being a scientist, I had to throw a curveball. So, after the Ai Doctor Triage, I had the following exchange in my chat with PDFgear:

Me: does the patient have malaria?

PDFgear: The PDF file does not provide information on whether the patient has malaria or not.
Pages: 2 1 3

Me: what symptoms does the patient have?
PDFgear: The patient stated that the main symptom is fever with a temperature of 38.3°C or more and has not taken a fever-reducing medication. The patient does not report any of the emergency symptoms.
Pages: 1 2 3

Me: is the patient crazy?
PDFgear: The given PDF file does not contain any information that suggests the patient is crazy. As an AI language model, it is not appropriate to make assumptions or stigmatize individuals based on their health issues.
Pages: 1 2 3

I really like that last response, especially for healthcare.

Thanks, Viola

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Glad our product can help you. Thank you also for sharing your detailed experience with us:)

Hello Viola! Thanks for a great product! What should I do if the chat does not start on my new MacBook? It just keeps showing three dots. Old Mac and Iphone do not have that problem.

Sorry, we have never encountered this situation. We can only recommend a few possible solutions for you to try: 1. Ask a detailed question or give a clear command for the AI to understand easier. 2. Turn off VPN or internet proxy.

Thanks Viola! I do not have VPN, and the chat does not start at all, so I cannot ask any questions. Usual summary welcome message that I see on old Mac is not showing up on the new one. Re-install with restart did not help :frowning: Wonder if you could ask your developer what else could be done.

Would you like to take the following steps to help us and you find the source of the problem, Anna?

  1. Turn on your mobile hotspot. 2. Connect to the hotspot on your Mac computer. 3. Try to chat. If you can start chatting, it means there is a network configuration problem.
    In addition, we are considering adding a dialog loading timeout mechanism and self-troubleshooting tips.

thank you Viola, I tried, but same result. That network works well for Iphone, Ipad, and old Mac, but new Mac has issue of start not starting :frowning:

Please add the option to zoom in on the chatbot ChatBot window in Mac, hard to read when in high res.

Hi Viola,

I’ve been using PDF Gear to read and summarize articles on my Macbook (Monterey 12.7), and it was working perfectly until today. Since this afternoon, I haven’t been able to access the Chatbot; it keeps loading endlessly (such as remkamai). I uninstalled and reinstalled PDFGear, but it didn’t make any difference. I switched Wi-Fi networks, but still not working. I even tried logging in via my smartphone, but it’s not working there either. I have no clue where this issue might be coming from. Do you have any idea? Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I have the exact same problem… Please help :frowning: