Intellectualize your PDF-reading & -summarizing using Free PDFgear Chatbot

The images, tables, charts are important elements in a PDF file, does the tool can extract info from them?
and when do the summarization task, can the output include those original elements?

Based on your description, we can’t accurately determine the cause of the problem, we can only give a generalized approach that may solve the problem and send it via pm. Please check.
If the Chatbot still malfunctions, please contact us in the app with the log file after the problem reoccured.

  1. To extract important info/elements from PDF, try using the software’s screenshot tool (for images or charts), OCR (for text-based info), or PDF to Word converter (for charts).
  2. Thank you for your excellent suggestions. I will relay them to the R&D team to meet this needs.

Parabéns, viola.v0399!
PDFGEAR é fantástico, muito mais eficiente e com respostas mais estruturadas que o ChatPDF, testei os dois sistemas com o mesmo conteúdo o PDFGEAR deu resposta mais satisfatória e diretas como solicitei, além de fornecer a referência da página. É uma ferramenta grátis que ajuda muito nos estudos e resumo! fantástico parabéns! vou recomendar o PDFGEAR para a minha rede de amigos!

Hi Viola. Is there a quick way to import pdf files in bulk or do I have to add them one by one?

Yes of course you can open multiple PDFs in one go (on desktop): Select them in your Windows-Explorer or other files manager >> right-click and choose “open with PDFgear”

I’ve been using PDFgear and it really works great. The only problem I’ve encountered is that sometimes the chat bot will tell you that the information you are looking for is on page X and then you go to page X and the information is not there.
I also would like to know what is the page limit that the AI is going to read.
Thank you for making it for free!