New Attempt at UX/UI Built with Chatgpt - Natural Language Instruction

Hi guys! My team has been working on a project that is potentially a huge leap forward in UI/UX design. It’s called “PDFgear Copilot” and allows people to interact with their PDF files just like talking to an assistant. Well, “texting” might be the most accurate word to describe it, LoL. Maybe one day we’ll add voice recognition. (You can learn more about the predecessor of this project through this post >> Intellectualize your PDF-reading & -summarizing using Free PDFgear Chatbot )

Anyway, this is a further experiment after we made the PDF “chatable” 2 months ago. Now the users can not only ask the PDF questions and get the answers with cited references but also tell it what to do - to compress, to convert, to name a few. People will no longer be lost in the dozens of buttons on the interface or the endless technical manuals.

We are still struggling to find a solution that enables all PDF-related commands to be executed, such as deleting or adding PDF pages. Or are you thinking of some other feature that should be implemented first?

I’m not sure if you guys would like this new way of interacting with PDF. One thing I’m sure of is it’s at least a good attempt to bring some changes to the consumer side of things. Would you give it a try at and let me know what you think?

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It’s hard to change users’ habits. They have been used to point and click for so long.