LightPDF AI for Docs - AI chatbot assistant for understanding PDF, ePub, Word, Excel, etc

LightPDF provides an easy way to understand your documents, including PDF, ePub, Word, Excel, and PPT. Ask any questions related to your uploaded document and you will instantly get answers.

  1. Scanned and searchable PDF supported.
  2. Available on all browsers, and also on Windows and mobile apps (Android & iOS)
  3. Answers can be output in markdown, lists, and even table format with cited resources
  4. Click the reference page numbers, you can view the PDF content and answers at the same time
  5. Capable to save chat histories, copy answers as well as deleting chats

Check it out at: LightPDF AI for Docs - Chat with PDF/Word/Excel/PPT/ePub Online for free and give us some feedback :smiley:

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