Sharly - Chat with PDFs and documents with GPT-4

Sharly it’s the easy way to transform complex info into simple stories; it unlocks 10x productivity for long documents or collections with GPT-4.

Unique Value Proposition:

  • chat with PDFs and documents, unlimited pages
  • summarize with ready-to-use prompts
  • secure infrastructure for data protection
  • custom instruction for personalized experience

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Let me know your comments


Amazing, it is very convenient. Love it. :heart_eyes:

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Sharly is dope! ChatGPT limits me to upload only short docs, I love how Sharly allows you to upload an unlimited page source, just used for my physics essay!


Wow just tried it! Love the smooth user experience and answer quality!

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I am getting an error when I try Clicked “Try Again” multiple times.

Is it possible that the server does not handle text that has embedded tags like this one <|endofprompt|>? Only asking because that was a problem on another tool I had tried. This is the doc I was trying to process:

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Hi Yephe - you’re right, it’s an error due to embedded tag - fixing it. Thank you for reporting :star_struck:

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I have been working to create an AI model of Euclid’s Elements.

I just pumped the first book into Sharly and the results were amazing. Particularly the critique.

Looking forward to further analysis.


Thank you for reporting, it was an error due to embedded tag; fixing it in a moment :pray:

I appreciate your comment - let me know if there’s anything we can improve over time. We’re committed to provide the best UX and CV possible.

Hello. I am interested about your product.

But I have one question…

Assume there is a massive (+50 pages) PDF document that contains many guidelines and explanations, which are difficult for the reader to comprehend.

Can “Sharly” handle this massive document and accurately answer user’s questions?

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Yes, Sharly can manage massive documents as well. But don’t trust my words, try yourself for free :grin:


It would be great if it compare data from two different documents I was trying Spreadsheets.
It didn’t like my multi-tab xlsx file.
I tried putting multiple tables on one sheet. It didn’t like that also.

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I have a law school outline that is a PDF it’s about 56 pages I’m hoping I’d be able to upload that to the program and see if it’ll help memorize and study the information better

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Hi @You_Owe_Me , this is a great feedback. I understand the importance of supporting xlsx. We’re working on this feature and shall be able to release it in a few weeks.

@yahboymoney that can definitely be done!! you can upload long PDFs and interact with it

I’ve tried other services that are similar and the temperature is so low I wanted to be a little bit more creative and expound upon what is inside of the PDF documents other programs have been a little too strict at specifically sticking to the PDF document is this software similar in the way that it’s framed? Because my law school outline has a bunch of different cases in terms and definitions Will it expound upon those cases and definitions based upon the outline I have or will it only specifically stick to the information within the PDF document?

Sharly shall give you more control on how you want to frame your answer, either you want it to be as simple as possible or lengthy and elaborated. Also, it’s not limited to analysing PDF only - you can upload a variety of other documents

I’m excited to see how these doc analysers develop. My first try with Sharly was an edited volume with multiple authors presenting different and conflicting views on a topic. Sharly didn’t do a good job of recognising this, and its summary read like there was a single author.

Does this have built-in OCR? Some of the documents are producing errors

@Anastasious OCR is not available yet, working on it - might I ask which other document types you have tried? we shall support a variety of those :hugs: