Insufficient Quota Error on Paid Account with Available Balance

I searched for this topic and found that it happened previously and was resolved. But I’m experiencing the problem now. My usage dashboard shows 0 usage and I’m on a paid plan. And this 429 error just popped up when submitting one request…


Can you take a look at this thread, and see if you see any similarities to your situation?

if not, sometimes you just need to refresh your API key.

You likely mean to say “I subscribe to ChatGPT plus”.

The pay-per-data-use API has a completely separate billing system where you must prepay for account credits.

Your balance.

No, that’s not what I meant. I’m aware of the difference. I didn’t use the API in the past 3 weeks. Strangely, the dashboard doesn’t show anything for Feb.

I continue to encounter the insufficient quota error even after creating a new key.

  1. Check your prepaid account balance here; is it above $0.00?

  1. Were you using an API trial that expired? Check under the round graph to see any credits that may have deceived you:

  1. Had you previously set a monthly limit that would be much lower than the full account allowance? You can check here for user input boxes under “usage limits” heading (but many are getting a new message instead of the user-configurable settings that may still exist at their prior settings)

  1. Are you trying to call DALL-E 3 on a free trial? Does the error occur now on all requests as if your account is shut off?