Cant use my API Token (even with GPT Plus subscription)

I have GPR 4 subscription, but when I generated an API Token and I try to use, it says I exceed the rate limit.

When I see. on the dashboard, the I have 0% of usage 0/18Dolars limit

which means I didnt use the API so far.

Hi! Welcome to the community!

A chat gpt+ subscription ( has nothing to do with the API platform ( How many credits does it say you have on your usage page? ( Best take a screenshot so someone here can help you better.

It’s possible that you had credits in the past, but they’ve expired since. That’s likely the case if you have a gigantic red bar under credit grants. You may need to prepay or add a credit card to proceed.

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I have credits for now as well

But looks like the credits have long been expired :slight_smile: As per @Diet’s guidance, you can just add a credit card for pay as you go payment or prepay a certain amount and then it should work.

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