India Your card has been declined

When I go through the entire process of card it clicking “subscribe,” and providing the required OTP, my payment still fails with the message “Your card has been declined.”. I called the card company and was told the transaction never reached the card.

Need your help.


Same here, got my Bank debit and credit card declined. 1 was a VISA, another Mastercard.

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+1 Unable to buy the premium membership. Getting the below message:

“Your card has been declined.”

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Same, tried with 2 different bank accounts.

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Same here, is there any other aletrnative for this .
any luck India users?

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I think it is happening because of error in tax calculation.

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Same here, tried with 2 different cards, same message. It is probably due to tax calculation errors, but needs fixing!

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Yes, facing the same issue. I contacted the Banks (tried 3 different cards), and Link (Payment platform). They are saying the issue is with the vendor i.e. OpenAI.

Please provide an alternative platform to enable the subscription.

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Kindly fix this. Tried 3 different cards. Kindly help with this.

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I have tried 3 different credit cards, all end up with same issue.

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Getting the same issue, tried 3 credit cards 2 debit cards from different banks, nothing worked.
Please let me know if there’s a solution

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Yeah same. It’s not accepting my card. What can I do?

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Cant make payment either through debit or credit card! Hope they fix this soon!

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Same – had been trying since last 2 hours before finding this thread.

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I faced with 3 credit cards and all of my debit cards.

All saying “Your card has been declined”.
That’s unfortunate.

Dear team, could you please look into this sincerely sooner. As being Indian, we also would like to do all sorts of things with the current pace of the unexplored universe with the amazing CHAT-GPT.

I really would be happy to subscribe and support the project as it’s a step into the better world than the search engine plagued era we have been lived through already and seriously with CHAT-GPT, information becomes a text with a buddy :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::relieved::relieved::relieved::relieved:.

Love to see my membership… Kudos for the help


Same happening here. Please fix this. Getting “Your card has been declined”.

Getting “your card has been declined.” from my 4 Credit Cards which I have used multiple times for making USD payments.


My card is getting declined and I don’t get any declination messages from my bank. This means the transaction never reached the bank. Please look into this.

OpenAI Customer Support Channels Below:

FYI, This is a community for software developers who develop apps using the OpenAI API; OpenAI customer service staff do not frequent this site, sorry to inform.



However, if you are using a VPN, it is likely that Cloudflare will block you (eventually).


Same here. I am unable to subscribe. Card declined. OpenAI, kindly help.