HuggingFace accepted my card, but not OpenAI

Help, I’m not able to pay for the bill.
Card was declined, and Help Center is useless.
Contacted support but no one responded.
Am I just ignored because my bill is too small?

If you need help with your account, payment, etc, please visit

  • At the bottom right on is a message icon. image Click the icon then enter a message. My understanding is that you will be asked for an email address then the OpenAI staff will contact you via email. I hear it can take weeks before being contacted but remember that this is one of the fastest growing apps ever, please be patient.
  • Asking account related questions in this forum can often create more confusion for the community than provide assistance.

This is also noted in

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Hi, thanks for your help. However I already tried those methods but none of them worked at all.

Is anyone looking at the support system?
Okay I really need to pay for this invoice, cuz I finally GPT-4 API access.

Support team would be getting 1000’s of requests a day. Please be patient.

Try contacting your card issuer/bank and see if they can provide insight to why it was declined. Also double check your billing address (especially zip code) entered on OpenAI site matches what is on your card.

Thanks nova I’m gonna try it out.
– Toby