API Billing Suspended due to OpenAI Error, no human support

Greetings all, apologies if this is the wrong place to post this (if there is any) but I find myself in quite a pickle.

I have a $17 bill to pay with OpenAI. My card which has worked fine in the past for 9 previous months is no longer working.

After contacting my bank, they are adamant that OpenAI is attempting to bill over $800 for this $17 transaction, which is why the payment is repeatedly declined.

I’ve contacted support and have been informed of about a weeks wait before I receive a response.

Here’s the kicker. I am using this account to perform work and provide services for clients, I have taken every precaution to be good with my invoices and now I am completely lost as an OpenAI customer.

This leaves quite a bitter taste, am I to forfeit my dealings with OpenAI ? Is there no way to communicate with a support team? I’ve been a paying customer for months… Surely committing to open ai as a service provider should come with better support than this…

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Sorry to hear that.

Unfortunately their support has always been lacking and there’s nothing we can do here to help you.

Could it be possible that your card details were compromised? I have been here a while and not once ever heard of OpenAI charging someone almost 50x more than their billing panel says.


Hi there, thanks so much for your reply. I spent the day on the phone (fuming at them haha) so they had quite a thorough look, according to them…however I shall keep the post updated, I’ll check in with the bank again tomorrow.

My bill is $17 and the bank says the failed charges on my account for OpenAI are around $860. Wild

Have you tried calling the card issuer again? Not saying they are wrong, but mistakes happen and another check may be worth it.

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Hi there, thanks for your message. From the issuers side they’re quite adamant but I’m going to ask for it in writing from them as everything OpenAI side says $17 . Will keep the thread updated!


Good point. There was a time when a bunch of people were getting fraudulent OpenAI look-alike charges.


Go here and enter the charge details (It’s Stripe, the processor that OpenAI uses. If you feel more comfortable you can find it yourself by Googling Charge Lookup Stripe)

If it’s a true charge from OpenAI you will see it. Make sure you enter the details exact

There is also a possibility that a large amount of usage was experienced just prior to the billing amount being generated, but that should show on the usage stats

Yea I had a look at usage and everything lines up with the work I’ve done, I’ve actually got a $17 hard limit as well. And I’m having a blast building UI’s for the new Assistants so I’m just itching to get back to work :joy: