How to upgrate ChatGPT Plus with paypal

OpenAI’s biggest investor is Elon Musk :man_facepalming:

It is possible to use Paypal via Apple Pay. If you have any Apple Device, just use Apple Pay on the ChatGPT App. That´s it. Right now the only way

If PayPal is 2015 then Credit Card is 1986.

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adding paypal would be a very great idea for chatgpt subscription, many people want it. it should totally happen.

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From quite some time my bank have declined card payments to openai, since then i have been mailing openai to provide alternate methods of payments. I think we call should start flooding emails requesting to provide alternate methods of payments. here is the mail.

I experienced the same issue. All cards from Vietnam are declined, regardless Credit or Debit Card. Paypal would be a good option.

That’s not going to happen, that you can pay with Paypal. Microsoft doesn’t accept Paypal either and there it’s the company policy. But there you can at least pay with invoice or bank transfer. We have the problem here that we are supposed to test AI tools for our company and would have to pay for the extended functions with our private credit cards. Of course, nobody does that.

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Please integrate a system that accepts paypal. I don’t have a credit card and I don’t want to pay extra for a credit card just so I can purchase chatgpt plus.

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Plz add Paypal! I need it. I am waiting for it!!

Same here… Ideal or SEPA transfers would also work for me…

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I only can pay using Paypal, please add this payment method as soon as, thank you.

Please allow the request from Hong Kong and China Mainland

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China is not a supported country.

Others: Upgrade PayPal to business, receive PayPal credit card, top up balance (as PayPal no longer automatically pulls from banking).

Hey folks, closing the loop on this. We have no plan to support PayPal as a payment option for the foreseeable future. I will follow up here if we end up adding that feature and will remind the team that there seems to be strong demand for that option.