Will it be possible to pay with Pay Pal at some point?

I do not have a credit card. Will it be possible to pay with Pay Pal at some point?
I don’t necessarily want to make a card just for that.

No. They said as much in another topic asking about this.

Requiring a credit card is part of their user identification process under Know Your Customer, so there are no plans to accept other payment types anytime in the future.

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Hey Flave,

The credit card is a legal requirement. AI products have export regulations related to them and certain countries they are not allowed as an importer/consumer of the product. Maybe in the far future they will allow other forms of payments with multiple ways of identifying yourself, but for now credit card is the easiest way for them to identify people.

However, these guys can’t even take user suggestions let alone implement alternate payment methods. They are just too busy and too understaffed. So, I think that would be way down the road when they are profitable, and no one is chomping at their ass to be the leader in AI. But the AI race is just beginning, and I wouldn’t hold my breath. Other people will though, so just search around. There are some good ChatGPT alternatives popping up.