Alternative payment options for API

I would like to use the API, but would prefer a Payment other than Credit Card.
Is there any other payment option coming?


Debit cards are accepted as well as credit cards.
However, prepaid cards are not accepted.
This is due to the need to verify your identity.

@arbendemaj what’s your preferred payment method?


My preferred method would be for example PayPal, Amazon Pay.


I am not a friend of a Credit Cards and do not use them, since they tend to impact individuals negatively, such as debt accumulation, high-interest rates, fees, impulse spending.

Those would be competitors to Stripe, which currently handles the payment processing, and which has close ties to company principals at OpenAI and yCombinator.

thanks for sharing! we’ll keep this in mind as we add more payment methods. In the meantime, feel free to use a debit card.


Thanks, but I’ll wait until you offer other payment than Credit Cards.

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Here’s an option @arbendemaj - you could use a service like Zip (zip dot co) which links to your bank account. With this, you can generate a single use credit card and set your billing to not auto-renew. Simples!

EDIT: Caveat - looks like this service is only available in AU, NZ, and US.

  1. Recharge with 3rd party card, and PayPal them :slight_smile:

  2. Debit cards work just fine, try different providers like Visa or Master Card incase of an issue. Usually has worked for me on other platforms.

can you please share more info to this like how do you do it?

Just signup for the openai api platform.

Rest is fairly easy via the billings tab in settings.

If you do not have a credit card, use one of your peer’s. And settle it with them - just an uncalled for suggestion :slight_smile: