Alternative payment options

I used the free trial for OpenAI and was very satisfied with it. I would like to continue using OpenAI. Outside of the US, however, credit cards aren’t nearly as common. I personally know nobody with a credit card, and the few that do own one do so for the explicit purpose of being able to make purchases from US stores and services.

With credit card being the only available payment option, I am afraid I can no longer use OpenAI until an alternative payment method is made available. I do not wish to go out of my way to get a credit card when this is the only thing I’d be using it for.

Frankly, having no alternative payment is incredibly excluding to people outside of the US and I hope OpenAI considers adding an alternative sooner rather than later.

I have got a debit card and it works fine. What you need to do is to get a debit card with international transactions enabled. Debit cards equally work fine.

Ask your bank if they can issue one, or enable your existing one.

Sadly not. My Debit card has international payments enabled but OpenAI doesn’t seem to accept its card number when trying to set up a paid account. May I ask what kind of Debit card you have that works?

I have a Mastercard debit.
If that’s the case then check with your bank.

Ah, I have a Maestro debit. Does OpenAI not accept Maestro?

not sure, email them.