What Payment Cards are accepted by OpenAI

I want to upgrade my API tire to paid tire, but I don’t know what types of cards I must pay with, because some people told me that not all credit cards are accepted.
and I’m not in the US.


I pay with a Mastercard from the UK, should work with most of the big names. I’d say just put it in and try it.

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Should it be linked to a bank account?
because in Egypt we can make one without a bank account.

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I couldn’t say, its worth a shot though. I’d imagine even the prepaid debit cards you can buy would work if the payment goes through.


Thank you for your help, I’ll try & I hope it works

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Prepaid debit cards don’t work sadly.

If you have access to PayPal, you can use a service like statescard.com

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So does it work and have you tried it by yourself?

as EU citizen, tried to use statescard.com as payment method, Open AI tells me it it declined with no further explanation. Any thoughts, tips or tricks?