Got access to GPT-4 Alpha on free version of ChatGPT

Hi everyone,

This morning, I log into my ChatGPT account and I saw a new model named “GPT-4 All tools, Confidential”. I am currently able to use it and upload images, files, and generate images using DALLE-3 even though I’m on the free plan. Is that a new feature for free chatGPT users or just a bug from OpenAI ? Also, does anyone know what “confidential” means ?
I’m obviously not trying to to remove this functionnality but I just wanted to have more information about it.
Here is an image of the models I have:
chatgpt models


Hi there,

ChatGPT Alpha is an experimental release of ChatGPT. Alpha access is available to testers and those who have applied for it. As for the features you mentioned, like uploading images, files, and generating images using DALL·E-3, Currently the Alpha do not support all this.

Regarding the term “confidential,” I don’t know much, may be @EricGT or @Foxabilo can help.

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Same here just opened a new tab and saw it…
Very nice!


The thing is I did not even apply to that Alpha access.


I think confidential means you shouldn’t be sharing this information. I bet @Foxabilo would know what to do.


hey hey, do you maybe have a link of where to apply for alpha? Thanks!


It could be one of two things, a preview of features for users who have not tried GPT-4 and the other tools before, which would make sense over the DevDay conference period, or it could be an error and everyone gets to try the super powerful GPT-4 \o/ win/win.

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There’s no “applying for it”. Alpha appearing as a third option for random users has been happening for a while, with no correlation to the amount of feedback given or other metrics that one could base the appearance on (except perhaps regular use). Possibly excluding those opting out of being used for training data.

It is free GPT-4 of a different flavor.

Possibly they want feedback from those not exposed to GPT-4 and its existing quality.

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The label is probably for limited access to users.

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I got it too and forgot i applied and was confused till i saw this.

Do you applied for the ChatGPT Plugins development?

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can you show me the link,thanks

The “link” is the screenshot in the first post with the center model button selection.

Actually, the “confidential” label disapeared this morning. Definitely very confusing.

yep ,I have also found this feature. It is really good. I didn’t close this conversion with GPT-4(ALL tools) . After you close the website ,do you still have this feature ?

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Yes, I still have this feature after closing the website.

Can anyone add alpha to my account? :upside_down_face:

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GPT-4 got nerfed recently for ChatGPT Pro users. This includes it no longer following instructions as well as before, Overall feeling more like GPT-3.5 (more wishy washy answers to problems then actually solving the problem). The only upside is it’s a bit faster. I wonder if this “Alpha” version is this new faster GPT-4 but for free users.

While I like the speed of this new version, The difference in is just too noticeable and their are certain tasks this new version just cannot do.

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I totally agree, it’s quite fast and is much more likely to generate gpt3.5’s style answers.

I received this version but it does not have this Confidential information. web browsing