Friends, how can i get the alpha version of gpt 4?

Hello friends!!!

I am very passionate about artificial intelligence and language models such as GPT-3.5 I have heard about the alpha version of GPT-4 and would really like to know how I can access it. If anyone has any information on how to test this version or any news about it, please share! Any useful information or advice regarding accessing the alpha version of GPT-4 would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance!


For a brief time over a month ago, some select and random users of ChatGPT were given a selection of “Alpha”, which was a preview model. It appears that trial and experimentation is over. (protip: the particular GPT-4 variant itself is unremarkable in intellect, now likely the lower-cost preview to developers)

New ChatGPT Plus subscription, where one of the features for $20/mo is GPT-4, is currently at capacity, so a waitlist is presented instead. If you can’t wait, there are third-party resellers such as Poe or among others that have GPT-4 tiers of subscription.