Got access to GPT-4 Alpha on free version of ChatGPT

How you guys got Alpha? (Maybe this is rare thing?)

im upsetˊ_>ˋWhen will all tools be fully opened?

so interested am i,please give me a chance to use alpha.

Also got the same

Thank you so much to open ai for letting me in! but, how did i even get here because i didn’t apply for anything. anyways… i want to stay in this alpha, its very fun and productive! :grin: :+1:

God, that’s so interesting, I want to be in it as well!!!

That’s Wonderful!!! I want alpha, too!!! please!!!

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My friend just showed me this feature i had my exam and all i think is why I was not selected for this :(. i want this feature so badly. Can someone else help me with this.

How can I obtain it? I really want to have it.Please tell me.

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I have no idea how to get Alpha, my friend got it but I don’t have it I gotto admit I’m a bit jealous but he’s a good friend and let’s me use it from his phone, we both like to share our creativity

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I really want to have a try of chat gpt alpha. it is so attractive


Still using GPT3.5 but try to: Challenge Prompt, Play Win-Win, Be very unique and honest, and “thank you”

It was probably confidential. we disclosed it on forum therefore they have removed the label.

No sam told in live yesterday that they are rolling out gpt4 for testing

I think in this meme you should GPT4 and GPT4-Turbo.

One of my friends also got GPT-4 Alpha with all the features like uploading images and other stuff etc.

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How to get GPT Alpha feature, when will it be rolled out to Plus users?

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So I have been using and thoroughly enjoying it. However, for the past hour, I have not been able to upload any documents for analysis. Is anyone else facing this problem?
As mysteriously as Alpha appeared in my GPT window one morning, it started glitching too. Any leads on how can I possibly fix this issue?

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